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Mariah is Katwoman UPDATE-OK Mariah shouda been Katwoman lol

NL- Sorry for getting that first headline wrong Mariah I’m traveling & can barely see these damn little  letters to read anything on this mini. I need a nice laptop AND new glasses! xo

February 12, 2011

Hersham Surrey, England

Mariah Milano just wrapped filming across the pond for Bluebird Films in their big budget porn pardoy “Katwoman”.  Katwoman is a sequel to their very popular parody BatFXXX, which is a 10 scene big budget Batman parody that featured over 60 adult film stars.  Mariah was featured in 3 scenes for the project including the big finale scene with two males and five females.

“First of all I love London” says Mariah as we sit at a streetside cafe in Paris. “The people were amazing and so friendly. Sometimes if you’re a porn star from somewhere else the girls can be quite bitchy but that wasn’t the case at all.” Milano co-starred in a girl girl bondage scene with Charlie Monaco and then a two male two female romp later that afternoon. “The way they shoot is really ideal. Not a lot of cuts and stopping, they basically tell you what they want and turn you loose.  That’s my kind of scene. Much hotter than the mechanical sex of starting and stopping constantly for different angles.”

Milano continued traveling for nearly 3 weeks in Europe after her shoots with Bluebird spending time in Paris, Geneva, Florence, Venice and Amsterdam. 

“I love Europe and I traveled on the train from city to city so I could really see the countryside, espcially Switzerland which was amazing.”

Milano also shot a music video in Paris with her friend French rapper Moneigneur Mike who did a song for her upcoming Porn Star Vampire project called “Vampire”. As well as the music video she shot a scene for her project in an old closed down Metro station. “It was really spooky down there. The station hasn’t been used for over 10 years and it was really cool and dark and exactly what I wanted. When people see this they aren’t going to believe it’s porn!” Milano says, who plans to release a double disk DVD some time this summer. “3 more scenes to shoot and I’m going to blow some people away!”

Mariah recently won the Miss Freeones contest for the Best Official Site category and was nominated for both AVN and XBiz awards for best Porn Star website for the second year in a row. Her website has been online since April 2004 and is considered to be one of the best Porn star websites online and she owns and operates it 100% herself.

 Mariah says she is already planning a return trip to London before the summer to spend more time in the city.

Mariah Milano can be booked direcly by contacting [email protected]

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