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Mariah Leaves Elite Webcam Models

NL- Sounds to me like Mariah is being very nice & PC. I checked Elite’s site and there are less then 20 models shown and not ONE was online available to chat. Hmmm. Anyone want to tell us about working with or visiting Elite’s site?

Tampa, Florida
Mariah Milano has announced she has decided not to continue her  role as Official Spokesmodel for Elite Webcam Models moving forward. When asked what  happened to cause the separation Mariah said “I don’t wish to  disclose the terms of our contract or the reason for my choice to  discontinue our business relationship.”

Mariah says she will return to focusing on her network of sites  and shooting new content and doing cam shows for the members of  her sites. “I have had so many things going on with opening the  studio in London and traveling and event hosting that I haven’t  been as hands on as I am used to being. I have made a commitment  to myself to get back to business and do what I do best and that’s  making hot content for my fans.”

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