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Mariah Milano Interview by Pepe

Interview by Pepe of

Hi Mariah, first of all, thanks for giving me the interview, I love your work.
How are you? You have been in Spain shooting a video clip for the hip hop superstar Monseigneur Mike, How was the idea of calling you for the video clip?
a girl he hired to coordinate the project contacted me through Myspace. I thought it was another scam at first but they were very professional and their offer was great. 
Did you like the experience of working with Monseigneur Mike? Can you tell me how the shooting of the video clip was?
The project was for his upcoming new album that releases in June or May…and also he started his own site with girls doing solo masturbation scenes and also hardcore scenes. So I shot for his music video as well as his site.  
The shooting were located in Barcelona, Have you ever been in Spain?
No I had never been to Europe! My heritage is Sicilian and this was as close as I’ve been to Italy ?  
Did you like Barcelona? 
I loved it! It was so beautiful and the people were friendly enough lol I don’t speak Spanish so I am sure I irritated more than one person!
How Spain and the Spaniards are? Did you like our customs and habits? Are we very different from the Americans?
I grew up in LA around Mexicans so it was very surprising to see the huge difference in the 2 cultures. Not to be mean to Mexicans but the Spanish are a very classy and educated people who take great pride in their city and their culture. In every part of Barcelona I was in, including alley’s between street there wasn’t one piece of trash or litter anywhere! Not even cigarettes! You cannot say that about any place in Mexico that I’ve been.
Did you taste our food and wines?
I loved the Tapas and the wine was my favorite I’ve ever had! I like it as much if not more than the French reds!
Did you go to any parties the days you were in Barcelona? Did you have fun?
No parties but I had a great time. I went to the Private offices and met Erwin who is the brother of Roald from ?  
Dunia Montenegro and Tina Canelle were in the video clip too, Dunia is one of our most famous porn stars in Spain, Did you enjoy working with her?

I didn’t get to work with Dunia. She was scheduled to be in the project but was cancelled and I am not certain why. But I hear she is very sexy and very nice. She is Brazilian right?
We read in LIB you were going to take a train to Algeciras in the south of Spain for going to Tangiers in Africa, Why you decide to cross the Strait of Gibraltar and visit the north of Africa?

I have always wanted to go to Morocco. It just seems like such an exotic place and how many people can say they have been there, ya know? The food was outrageous and the people were wonderful, even though they can’t drive! lol
Did you have fun in Tangiers?
I did. I went shopping and bought everyone at home souvenirs and gifts and had some amazing coffee and lamb.
I hope you enjoyed that time you were in our country, now I’d like to ask you some questions about the porn life in USA.
ok shoot! ?
You have your own site , Are you focused in your site or do you prefer working for other companies?
I am very focused on my sites. I actually have 62 sites online. is my main site, but I also have  which is just an alternate tour as well as  and which are also pay sites. I own and operate my own affiliate program as well and have 5 other sites that I plan to launch at some point in 2010. One of them is a Mariah Milano VOD site which is in the process of being completed between my travels.
Talking about other companies, which is your favorite company in the porn business?

My favorite is without a doubt Elegant Angel. They are great people who shoot amazing stuff and understand the business better than anyone in my opinion.
Your site looks really great; can you tell us what can we find in

over 640 of my videos more than 20,000 photos me live on my webcam a couple nights a week plus a ton of bonus content which comes out to more than 1200 bonus videos of my porn star friends.
You are one of the hottest porn stars in L.A. Do you think that you should have been awarded for the female performer of the year 2010?
not at all. I didn’t shoot that much in 2009. I started focusing more on my own projects in 2009 and only shot 12 scenes the entire year for other productions. I was nominated for web starlet of the year and XBiz nominated me for best PornStar website so that was nice to be considered for those awards, especially since my sites are my main focus.
Did you expect being nominated for the next AVN’s?

I don’t expect it but I can say that there are only 3 or 4 girls who shoot porn that also run their own sites and only 1 or 2 of them do as well as my site does. Check alexa rankings and mine is as high as every porn girl who actually runs her own site and NOT a company or webmaster. But I will say that when you nominate 20 girls for a category for anything website related my name better be in there as well ?
When you started you career in the adult business you use to do Interracial scenes, would you mind doing IR again?

I have shot IR scenes. I have shot 5 of them and the most recent was 2 weeks ago for Elegant Angel. I never stopped doing IR, I just refuse to do scenes that depict me as a whore or are ghetto themed. I am picky about every scene I choose to do, and IR is no different.
You use to post in my friend Cindi’s site

Do you think that some posters don’t have enough respect to the adult performers there or at the contrary they are nice with them?
 I think that some of the people who post are there because it’s the only place they can be rude or aggressive to others. They hide behind the anonymity of the internet with fake names and identities and bash every girl who posts. In person the Sammy Glicks of the internet would be too intimidated to say a word to me or most of the others who he slams on that site.
Talking about this issue, do you think porn stars are treated with the respect they deserve in the adult industry?
Some are but only those who earn in and demand it. I am respected by everyone in this business who knows me. I get paid more than 98% of the girls working and I don’t escort and I don’t feature dance. I don’t do anal scenes, I don’t do 2 guys at once and I don’t do boy girl girl unless I pick the girl.  I am very picky and I have an opinion and a brain and I think that has earned me respect from most people. It also doesn’t hurt that this is my 12th year in this business. ?
Do you think that there are too many porn stars working in the porn industry now?
No I don’t. I think there are very few real stars these days. I think there are a lot of girls doing movies, but the ones who I consider stars are very few. The star label is one that is disappearing these days because as soon as a girl builds a solid name for herself she is gone. She either starts escorting or hits the road dancing or meets some guy who can’t deal.
You are working in business since you were eighteen, Is the business better now or the things were better in the past?
 it’s VERY different. There was only one agent, Jim South. The agents now don’t give you phone numbers for the producer until the night before the shoot in fear of girls being booked directly . Jim connected you on a 2 way call and left it to you to do the booking once they called it in. He collected a fee from the director not the talent. now they collect from both. There are a lot more male talent out there and a lot of the male talent now do or have done gay porn. When I first came around you heard about a few like Peter North in his early days but it wasn’t common like it is now.
Who is your favorite porn star?

My favorite female porn star is Puma Swede. I love her a person and she is so sexy! She knows how to turn you on and is a really filthy talker which I love! ?
Let’s talk a little bit from sex….
ok, lets!
What you prefers girls or guys?
I prefer men. I like girls more when I’ve had a few drinks! I’m a full blown lesbian when I’m buzzed! ?
What is the best way to make you cum?

sucking and pulling my nipples
Do you like anal sex?
 I’ve done it a few times and it hurts waaaay too much. I wish I liked it! ?
Do you like fingering when you are watching porn?
 I don’t watch porn really to be honest. I only like fingering when I am about to cum.
Now let’s talk about you
 How tall are you Mariah? Can you tell me your measures?

 I am 5 foot 5 inches 34DD 23 33
Which is the part of your body you are especially proud? (Let me tell you, your ass…is amazing…)
 I am proud of my ass for sure ?
What are your hobbies?
 travel, work and sex!
Are you married, children?
 single mother of a son
Would you mind come back to Spain in a future?
 I am already planning it! this time to Ibiza and to Madrid and Seville
Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?
 I have made it to the 3rd round of the Miss Freeones contest and I have a brand new DVD release this summer called the A List which is my first production project. it features me and the top 5 girls in the industry which are secret until release!
Did you feel comfortable with my interview Mariah?
 Yes of course! I’m just sorry it took so long to do! ? Forgive me?
Thanks a lof for your time Mariah, I hope you enjoy in my country, see you in LIB.
I loved it!!!!!! thank you! MUAH!!!!!!!!!!

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