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Mariah Milano Issues a Rare Apology

Let me clear a few things up…


Op/Ed by Mariah Milano  of

Ok I generally don’t give a flying fuck who cares what I think and I try my best to honestly speak my mind about certain things. But recently I learned that some things I wrote on a post here offended someone who is my friend, and who’s opinion of me matters. I had written that the reason I don’t go to conventions in the US is that 99% of the porn stars go there to escort and not do actual web business and that 70% of the girls would disappoint their fans when they saw them under those harsh fluorescent lights in a convention hall. I might have over-stated the % of girls that escort at shows by saying 99%. I take it back. Most of the porn stars are paid by a company to go and stand at a booth and sign autographs and take photos as a representative of that site or production or toy company, so they aren’t there to do any other business. I get it. Most of the porn stars don’t have much to do in the way of running their own sites anyway so why would they be there to do anything other than have a good time and meet fans?
I have been in this business longer than most of the current girls out there and have had success and have made a very good living. I don’t want to offend those who don’t deserve it. There are class acts like Nina Mercedes for example who run their own sites, who are great with their fans and take it seriously. I wish more of us were like that. I want more from our industry but I know it ain’t gonna happen. Porn girls are a dime a dozen and they come and they go, doing drugs and escorting and everything else that goes with the sex trade. I have made a choice to be in this business and I am not sorry that I made the choice, but I do know that there is nothing wrong with holding people accountable and wanting more for a business that has seen some hard times in the last few years.
Yes, as far as looks go the PornStar girls have gotten a lot more like Hollywood starlets, and that has certainly not hurt anything, but if they are well-known train wrecks and subject themselves to disease and then bring it to a set where I might be working, then it becomes MY business and MY place to call them out for it. Their looks or the fact that they are on TMZ or anything else means fucking nothing to me. I don’t have any control or any way of knowing what they did since their last test which could have been 28 days ago. I was on set in North Hollywood in a house owned by a couple who run an escort site. They sat and showed me all the girls listings who had personally placed those ads or whose agency had placed the ads for them. They told me which girls will fuck with no condom for an extra $300 and it made my skin crawl. Some of them I had worked with before, and one I was very good friends with at the time. They all immediately went on my “No List” and remain there to this day. I no longer will shoot boy girl girl scenes unless I personally know and select the other girl.
So to anyone who I offended (not including Darrah Ford lol) I am sorry. If you aren’t attending shows to escort and take your business seriously in no way did I mean to include you in anything I said. I take back the estimate of 99% of girls escorting at trade shows, even though whenever one is in a certain city you can go to the escort sites and see A LOT of the top porn girls listed as available in those cities on those specific dates. If you are an escort I don’t give a shit. That’s your choice and your choice to live with. If you’re ok with it, then God Bless, do your thing and make your money.
As far as saying that 70% of the girls would be a disappointment when their fans saw what they really looked like, well that was unnecessary and might have been a tad on the mean side, even though I believe it to be true. I just should keep such comments to myself. I have met a lot of girls in this business who are not at all attractive to me who have been the nicest, and they have done nothing to me for me to say stuff about them, even if it is indirectly.
So here it is, a rare apology from me to anyone that I offended by THOSE remarks lol, everything else stands ?


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