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Mariah Milano on Key West



  A prophet once said “Don’t tell me what a man says or what a man knows, tell me where he’s traveled.” That to me sums up nearly everything I want to know about someone and tells me plenty to help me decide if I want to know them or not. A small existence contributes very little to the world and the people in it. I want to be inspired by everyone I know, otherwise what’s the use?


  I love Key West in the morning. The sun is up but just a little crispy and not yet to its humid brutality that leaves you few places to hide. The smells of citrus and flowers and ocean are so comforting as my eyes still adjust to the brightness of the morning sun and the endless possibilities of the day to come. I’m awake at 7 am drinking coffee because a rooster woke me up. Yes, a rooster. They are everywhere here and that’s so cute until there is one right outside your bedroom window, which means at sunrise you’ll not think he’s so cute any longer.


  This place is paradise for and probably the worst place imaginable for someone trying to put their lives back together. It pulses with the party attitude and inspires an attitude of “fuck it” allowing otherwise tedious people to become ravenous in the appetites of the unknown and the taboo.


  I’ll give you a perfect example. Last night I went to one of my favorite places for a few years now called Garden of Eden. It’s a small rooftop bar where clothing is optional. I got there around 10 and there was only 1 naked person and he was your typical nudist: in his late 50’s to early 60’s very hairy with absolutely no shame whatsoever. There were several others there, just no one inspired by him to get naked. As it got a little later the crowds started to come in and laugh at him and the other few who were beginning to strip it off pieces at a time. A topless girl with her dress rolled down around her waist, a naked hippie doing cartwheels and an obese woman dancing with her toothpick make friend. A very diverse group to say the least.  By midnight the crowd was half naked and dancing and having a great time. Of course I had pulled my dress over my head and was dancing in my thong by this time and having a great time. Girls were getting their bodies painted while young guys were gawking and unable to control their staring eyes and the party was in full swing. I was totally amused by the freaked out looks and giggles when the new guests would come into the room to see all the naked people laughing and saying “no way!” to their friends only to be naked themselves within 20 minutes. It was liberating to say the least. Nudity is not my passion but I will get naked in front of anyone anywhere at any time. I have no qualms about being naked and would rather be stripped of my clothing than to have to speak in front of a crown any day.


The party was really getting going when I started talking to these girls who had seen me signing autographs and asked who I was. I told them I was a Porn Star and they were freaked out. Turns out they were on vacation from Kansas City and it was 8 girls alone without the men for the weekend. Some were the usual haters and rolled their eyes at their friends questions and my answers about the industry and my nakedness. One of the girls was being flirty with me and was obviously drunk and I have to say she was adorable. We danced and did body shots off each other and long story short she ended up in my room on the business end of my strap on cock. Her friends were horrified that she was making out with a girl much less a naked porn star but you could see the envy in their eyes at her sense of adventure and the fun we were having while they sat drinking beers and pretending to be grossed out by all the naked people having so much fun.


It’s a real shame this place isn’t easily accessible to those of us in the porn industry because it would be an amazing place to shoot movies and find new talent. It really inspires the sexuality in you and I can’t imagine the debauchery I could create here!


I’m enjoying my second cup of coffee dreading my trip back to my home near Tampa. I love it here and the freedom and carefree life it embraces. I will be back soon that’s for sure. But before I head north I have an appointment with a realtor to see a duplex that is for sale for a steal! I couldn’t resist seeing it! God help me if the price is right. I might not be heard from again and Key West will never be the same!


Until next time, Mariah Milano. 

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