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Mariah Milano on Mr Marcus-“What he did was Criminal”

NL-There is a thread on FreeOnes forum entitled Mr Marcus Patient Zero in Syphilis Outbreak, it is more than eleven pages long. Anything I take from there to show you will be slightly out of context, because there is no way I can post the whole thing. BUT here are a few interesting things that Mariah Milano said. Please go read the whole thread for yourself here

by Mariah Milano from

first up, I know Marcus better than ANY of you fucking people. What he did is criminal and even though I have always liked him as a person and we have been friends since 1998 and worked together almost 40 times, he fucked up.

And if you say “well at least he admitted it” HOw could he not admit it? lol He didn’t come forward, he got caught. He willfully and purposely produced fraudulent tests and forged medical records which is a crime. He exposed other people to a very dangerous disease that has a cure, but please, it affects so much of your body it is VERY bad to catch even if you treat it.

Do not pretend to know what the fuck you are talking about if you are a fan or don’t do scenes where testing is involved. Read and post your comments, but please, do NOT fucking speak out like you have ANY concept of the industry because you don’t.

Marcus has always been extremely promiscuous off camera and it’s the reason I refused to work with him in 2000 and any time he asked me since right up to March of this year. I value my health and with nearly 600 scenes shot in my career I never once got any std of any kind. I was exposed to them many times, including 2 HIV issues with Marc Wallace back in 1999 and then Tony Montana a year later. I didn’t work with either but I worked with people who had worked with them. Marc Wallace forged his HIV results and infected people including a girl whom I had worked with the month prior for Adam n Eve.

So please, enough with the pretending to have insight and knowledge because you do not. Marcus should be prosecuted and I would imagine he could be sued as well. Without porn the guy is going to be lost. His only shot at anything now is maybe to write a book. His entire life was porn.

As fucked up as it is, the porn industry has nearly zero morals or business ethics so I see him working again soon. It might only be for his own projects and with new unknowing talent, but they won’t run him out. You can already see how the FSC is protecting him and trying to make him out to be this honorable remorseful guy, which he is surely sorry but had he not been caught, bet you he’d still be working.


if you have sex with people when you are HIV positive and do not inform them you can be prosecuted. That’s a fact. Just the same if you have infectious diseases and spit in someone’s face you can be prosecuted. So why is this different? So because I like Marcus and have known him excuses what he did to other people who had nothing to do with this? People who couldn’t work,,,forget the other porn girls because they all escort anyway, but the photographers and video guys and directors. did they deserve to not get paid for a month? I hardly think so. He doesn’t get a pass for anything when he alters test results. That is blatant disregard for the very people who trust him and that alone is fucked up.

And yes, Lex is a very nice guy and very professional. I shot with him in one of his very first scene for Booty Talk #6 back in 98 for West Coast video. He plays the roll with the Black n Milds and all that but he’s a very nice guy and respectful. Marcus was always a hound. I was in a limo with him and a few others in Hollywood coming from a party when he picked up a street walker in Hollywood and went down on her in the car!!!!!!!! I nearly threw up. I had them let me out and took a $130 cab ride home. He isn’t known for his discretion


I’m going to say something to you that will for sure offend you, because clearly if I were to say that “most black people have darker skin than white people” you would scream racism.

Sometimes you just have to stop being a fucking victim and accept that scientific reality is just that, and move the fuck on. You avoid high risk situations and putting yourself in harm’s way. Do you dispute that Sickle Cell is something that only blacks can have? Is THAT a racist thing to say? I think that what Bearded Menace said was factually based and I provided CDC findings to back up what I said, so why the hostility?

Ok so here’s my insult lol My son’s father is a black man who I met when I was 15 and he was 27, I was pregnant at 16 and had my son a month after I turned 17. He lives up to every single negative stereo type that people of color face. He has no job, he has 4 kids with 4 different women that he doesn’t pay a penny to support or have any interest in knowing and at 44 he still thinks he’s going to be a rapper. He sags and he wears jerseys every day. He also blames all of his failures and issues on racism, even though he has good parents and has had a million opportunities that he has blown. Everything is racist, and he thinks that anything that any white person says about a black person is an attack. I chalk that entire thing up to the foolishness of youth and at least I got my son out of it as well as a very serious lesson learned.

Do I blame his skin color for this? Of course not. Do I blame his ancestors and his ethnicity? Of course not. Racism is based on opinions, not facts. It’s based on ignorance and fear.

Now do I blame the culture of black America? Abso – fucking – lutely. it has become part of the culture of black america to have kids and not give a shit about them. to not become educated and clown the people who do well in school. Jay Z and Nas and Puff Daddy all spoke out against that athelete who chose to go to college over turning pro saying he was being “railroaded by white people” and “he needs to make that money for his people while he can” The kid was 18 and wanted to be the first person in his family to ever go to college. He wanted something to fall back on and those famous people he had never met and admired, railed against him and spoke out publicly against him. Its part of black culture in America to not speak proper english. Good luck having people worthwhile take you seriously if you sound like an idiot and good luck getting a decent job. Its also part of the culture to cheat on your woman. Its part of the culture to glorify the car you drive and the chains you wear yet live in a shit hole, and without a job and education how do you suppose those things are paid for?

Now do I think all black americans are this way? of course not. But if you are honest with yourself you cannot deny that this is a tremendous struggle for your people and Mr Obama has said “pull up your pants” in 2 different speeches to the NAACP. But he has big mouth opportunists like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to contend with who need blacks to be oppressed so they can continue to shake people down and remain relevent. It was Jesse Jackson who said that the “American youth in gangs are the warriors of the future for civil liberties” in a speech at the million man march. Listen to the popular songs right now…which I like as entertainment but when a 14 year old living in the projects hears Rick Ross rapping about selling dope and Akon and everyone else and sees what and where it got them, that is a very bad message being sent to someone in a very hopeless situation. It’s the culture and it’s getting worse not better.

You can be pissed and call me a racist and say all that shit you want, but nothing I said is wrong. And by denying it or blaming other people you extend the problem and throw gas on the fire.

I also thank you for your service in the military. That isn’t said often enough. You and I clearly disagree on several issues but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect you and appreciate your sacrifices and your opinions

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