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Mariah Milano on Penis Injections

The Ugly Truth

By Mariah Milano

There are many ugly truths about the porn industry and to try and cover them all would be too overwhelming even for an 11 year veteran like me. I would like to address a few of those realities though, as they need to be looked at and brought into the discussion for many reasons, sanitary and safety being the main reasons for me.

Understandably one of the things that attract porn fans to amateur videos it the reality of the sex and the lack of editing and lighting and the polished final product that is so standard with studio-produced porn. Of course there is a lot of porn where the sex is real and there is definite chemistry between the 2 performers in the video. I’ve had that chemistry before and I’ve certainly had the lack of chemistry too. Staged sex can still be hot and sometimes if all the parts are in place and its shot well it can be downright amazing to watch. 

In the old days of porn it seemed like there were only a handful of guys who appeared in every video released. Familiar names like Peter North, Tom Byron, Steve Drake, TT Boy, Randy Spears, Herschel Savage to name a few. Nowadays there are still far fewer males than females but the guys are younger, better looking (for the most part!) and don’t have the wood issues that used to keep the male side of the industry so minimal. I, like many others, would imagine crediting this to the invention of Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs but we would be wrong in most instances. I have been on many sets when a guy took Viagra and couldn’t get his dick hard. It only works after the erection appears, it doesn’t create the erection!

I hate to be the one to bring this to the unknowing Porn fans attention but there is a far uglier truth to the success of many of the newer male performers in the business. It isn’t Viagra or Cialis or any of those other pills, it’s much uglier and difficult to imagine.

The guys are shooting their dicks!!!! With a fucking needle!!!!!! Some of you may think it’s no big deal and others might be disgusted with this revelation. Personally I find it horrifying that a man would be able to stick a needle in the side of his cock in the first place! You guys are so protective of your prized penises and most of the guys I’ve met are terrified of needles, much less sticking ones self in the dick with one! I had heard this rumor when I returned to shooting videos but had not seen it until one day on set I watched in sheer horror as a guy who was shooting with another girl pulled a setup out of his bag and loaded it with an unknown medicine. I was sure he was going to shoot heroine or speed or something like that. I watched the same way I would watch a horrible traffic accident as he pulled his cock out and stuck the needle right into the side of it! I asked him what the fuck he was doing and he told me he was getting it hard for the scene. The craziest part isn’t the fact that he did it. It was that no one was freaking out or even paying attention! I was blown away and everyone else was just seeing it as business as usual!

What is this injection? This often involves using a mixture of medicines that include alprostadil (Caverject), papaverine hydrochloride (Pavabid), and phentolamine mesylate (Regitine). The dose can be adjusted to create an erection that lasts the desired length of time. There is an auto-injector available if the patient is unable to give standard injections to himself. The standard erection lasts 30 minutes to an hour or longer. Up to 90% of men using this method achieve erections sufficient for sexual intercourse. –

There is also another method I’ve seen on set and that is the injection of a pellet into the end of the penis which is a medicine called MUSE (medicated urethral system for erections), which calls for inserting a tiny pellet of alprostadil into the opening at the end of the penis (the urethra). A thin tube contains the pellet of medicine. The tube is inserted into the opening in the end of the penis. By pressing a button on the applicator, the pellet is released into the penis. Call me crazy but that sounds fucking insane to me!

Now I understand needing a hard dick because these guys work 4 or 5 days a week and sometimes do more than 1 scene in a day but isn’t this a fucking scary alternative? I’m scared because not only do I have to worry about who this guy has fucked since his last screening at AIM but I now have to be concerned over needle use and infections in the injection site, which is common among users of this method of getting it up!

The men are making a lot of money these days and many make more than the girl they are fucking in the scene, which was also very new to me. During my first stint in porn from 98 to 2001 the guys were lucky to get $300 a scene. I’m told some guys these days get over $1000 per scene! It goes back to the reason that there aren’t as many guys as girls and that’s very simple, it’s a fucking extremely difficult job. You have to get your dick hard yourself to do the stills before the video is shot. Then you have to shoot the first position, then stop for more stills keeping it hard yourself most of the time until the next position is shot for video and so on and so on until it’s time to cum and then you’re expected to do it on queue when you’re told. These days they seem to just let you fuck until you’re ready and the old countdown from 10 is not as common as it once was, but it still isn’t an easy task with sometimes more than 20 people standing watching waiting for you to cum so they can go home or go have lunch or smoke or whatever. There is a lot of pressure and all of that isn’t a good recipe for a hard on.

So the next time you’ve taken your blood pressure meds or had too many shots or beers, just think of the guy who is sticking a needle in his dick so he can keep his dick hard enough to make $1000. Takes the shine off the profession of being a hired piece of meat now doesn’t it?

Mariah Milano

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