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Mariah Milano Speaks Out On Escorting & STD’s

NL- I value Mariah’s opinion and thank her for sharing it with us.

OP/ED by Mariah Milano

I don’t look like such a stupid hater and back stabber lately do I? I spoke out on the dangers of disease exposure from fucking for money off camera and now imagine how many men are now taking Syphilis home to their wives along with the herpes and warts and whatever else.

I know I know, you’ll say that escorts demand condoms and none of them bend their rules for more money and that they are all such responsible accountable adults. Okay, and I have some oceanfront land I’ll sell ya….

I get emails daily, sometimes several, that solicit sexual encounters and they tell me they are tested and have gotten services from other porn girls that I can verify, and they go on to list the names of said girls. They also tell me that since they are tested, that they would like bareback sex which they have had with other adult stars. Some of these emails I read and just shake my head at the absurdity of the naive frame of mind all of these people have. There is Herpes as well as Herpes of the throat, anal and genital warts and now Syphilis that is not uncommon on porn girls, none of which is required to be tested for. These guys email with such confidence that I too escort simply because all of the others that they contact indeed do escort.

So now here we are, with porn companies being shut down because of a Syphilis outbreak. Yeah I heard it’s Marcus who I have known since 1998 and worked with many times back then. I like him but I cannot feel bad for him. I can’t have sympathy for people who create their own doom in such reckless ways.

I haven’t shot a scene since last December and am officially done. The industry is an embarrassment and filthy and out of control. Everyone bitches but no one does anything. There are a handful of porn stars left, the rest are now escorts who shoot some movies on the side. I’m not impressed and anyone who says I’m just hating needs to step back and look at the big picture. Undocumented and unprotected sex is going on in hotels between total strangers, and then those same people are showing up on porn sets the next morning and exposing everyone else to who knows what. There are 29 days between tests and we all know what can happen in that period of time.
What is the difference from a porn girl getting fucked bareback in a hotel and going to set the next day and a pilot who drinks all night and shows up to fly a plane full of passengers cross country first thing in the morning? When reckless behavior affects more than the person bahving recklessly, it’s time to step in and demand changes. It was done with cross over performers, so why not with prostitutes actively working on porn sets. They need to stop worrying so much about condoms and worry more about this.

I know someone who went to NYC and spent a week there turning tricks and hardly left the room. She had placed an ad on several of the NYC escort sites as well as signed with an agency so she was booked solid. Some days she said she had 10 clients!! IN ONE DAY!!!! Same goes for the porn stars who have been in Europe recently. What do you think that was for? Please don’t tell me they went there to shoot because the rates are a fraction of what they are here. The testing is nearly non-existent and the potential for US porn girls to escort in Europe is very big. I get emails from people living in Europe telling me they have had sessions with US porn stars there as well. I have been contacted by several of the elite agencies who have celebrities and politicians as clients and charge their clients tens of thousands of dollars for an experience with a well-known porn star require the girls NOT use condoms. Now, please tell me how this isn’t affecting the health of the people working in the industry who aren’t escorting?

I know that everyone has different opinions of what type of people do porn. The brutalscrooge guy is just angry and bitter but he’s always here posting his opinions so he must not hate porn as much as it seems. But he is right in one aspect, no one is standing and demanding something be done.

So you can think of me as a traitor for speaking up, but I see it differently. If you want to be a whore, fine with me. Go be the best whore you can be. Go be a street whore selling your ass for crack. I don’t give a shit. It should all be legal and government should stay out of it. But this is different. This is dangerous and reckless and helping to ruin the industry.

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