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Mariah Milano Writes about Making Money in The Biz

 The Future of Porn

Op/Ed by Mariah Milano

I write this today with a full schedule of shoots so maybe I am  lucky or just happen to hit a wave at a busy time. I got to LA on
the 18th and have had a shoot every day since. It’s the 25th today by the way ?

I am hearing that girls are shooting boy girl scenes for $600 and $700 and some even less. That is crazy but I guess when it’s your
job you either shoot it or you don’t get paid.

The business is shrinking. We all see that I think. The amount of free porn out there is overwhelming and growing daily. The sites
that did the cross sales and ripped off subscribers didn’t help any either. No one wants to be billed for additional site
memberships they weren’t aware of because some scumbag webmaster had those little boxes checked by default on the signup forum. Now
on top of a plethora of free porn subscribers are as weary now as they were in the infancy of the internet when credit card security
was the biggest obstacle to overcome when trying to make a sale.

DVD sales are down to an all time low and companies that have been around for years are going out of business just as fast as

So what are we, the people in the business, going to do about it? Are we going to try and ride it out and hope it comes back around
with new technology? Will the internet being on your 60 inch flat screen instead of your 20 inch monitor make people reach for their
credit cards again? It is going to be an interesting next few years in this business that’s for sure.

We have a white house with a former first amendment attorney in the US Attorney’s office and a liberal guy at the wheel. Will that
help porn by lifting some of the clamps put in place by the previous 8 years of bible thumping idiots?

In my opinion porn needs some oppression for it to thrive. It is so available in Europe yet the sales per-capita there are far
below our consumption. But then again so are rape and child molestation. Will porn still be interesting if it’s widely
available without restrictions? Will we need to go super kink like the Europeans are known for? Will girls be expected to be peed on
or pee on someone in every scene or worse?

I am going to keep doing as I have been because it seems to be working for me but I’m seeing all these people that just seem
desperate. Dropping membership fees $10 a month? That has been proven to do nothing for sales. I actually had an increase in
sales when I raised my monthly fee from $24.81 to $29.79. I think that it is such an impulse purchase that it doesn’t matter what
the cost is within reason. They see something that flips a switch within them and they have to see more. Simple explanation. If they
haven’t found free porn sites yet then they are a possible sale. Once they have found the sites with 50,000 full length videos for
free, they more than likely will never even see your site anyway. I read it on forums all the time. People say they will never pay
for porn again.

I am not typical in this business as I have a habit of voicing an opinion about the way things are. Most girls just fuck and bitch
about it later. I also run my own site and do my own marketing for the most part so I wear both hats so to speak. My business has
only had one month in the last 18 where I made less than the month before and I am very thankful but I have to think that my day is

The one who will suffer the most from free porn will not be me though…it will be the customer who won’t get quality porn
anymore. It will be in shitty flash video streaming that gets grainy when there is hard pounding before the pop.

What are your thoughts? Your ideas? Your solutions?

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