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Mariah Says “It’s time for Darrah Ford to go!”

It’s time for Darrah Ford to go!

Op/Ed by Mariah Milano
Who the fuck is Darrah Ford? I see she prowls Twitter and Lukeisback looking for a place to sling her nonsense as she hides with a made up name behind the security of her online persona trying to sound as if she knows anything about this business when in fact she knows very little. She said in a reply to something I had written recently “If I were in this business I would never hire you!” Well guess what, you just made a very valid argument to everything…YOU AREN’T IN THIS BUSINESS!!!! She can say I’m a nobody and that I have to claim being famous because I’m really not, blah blah blah but I do very well and certainly don’t claim to be the top porn star or even one of the top porn stars.
In 2010 I have shot only 8 movies for other companies. I don’t live in LA so I’m not shooting every day like a lot of the porn stars so of course I’m not going to be one of the most popular girls. I haven’t lived in LA since 2004 and when I returned to shooting movies in 2007 I did so on a very low scale. However, my sites get over a million unique visitors every month and my income has not diminished with the bad economy. I have traveled all over the world and been paid handsomely to do so. Last year I flew over 80,000 miles and this year so far I’m over 67000 miles with another 5 months to go. I don’t fly coach either Darrah, just in case you have some discount fare shit to say lol. How many porn stars own their own house? How many own 2? How many have an IRA account? How many own 2 boats? How many have an investment portfolio and health insurance? I have these things because I have been very fortunate and learned my lesson at an early age about pissing money away at the mall. This is not a knock at the girls who don’t, it’s just a statement to backup what I say.
I find it hilarious that someone on the outside of our business has the gull to write about it as if she is on the inside. Someone who has posted publicly the real names of porn stars and directors yet claims that she is appalled at the fact that movies are shot in residential areas. With the economy the way it is and the tube sites giving everything away their isn’t money for studios in a lot of producers budget. I would say 90% of porn movies are shot in residential areas. Many shoot locations are bonded and legal and most are in guess where….residential areas! I find it hilarious that Darrah was so surprised when she saw Christian say he was shooting in a house….helloooooooooo! someone with such insight into this business should know that shouldn’t they?
I think I am going to put some of my money to work for me and hire a private detective to find the real identity and address of Darrah Ford and post it everywhere that I can so she can no longer be this anonymous Femi-Nazi who does nothing more than post her ill-informed nonsense as if she has privileged information. How would YOU like that Darrah? All these years of hiding and being so bold knowing no one knows who you really are will soon be gone Darrah. You mention my son and now you will see what it feels like to be exposed. You said you can’t imagine what my son has been exposed to? He is an A student in a private school and has no idea what his mother does for a living. I will tell him when the time is right and at 13 he doesn’t need to know. Many of the people in this business have children that are growing up in a loving household with good parents who just happen to be in the porn business. Is it so different than someone who owns a liquor store or a plastic surgeon who sells false self-security to young girls or aging housewives or over the hill hags like you the false promise of youth? I don’t personally think so, but that’s just my opinion.
I tried to make amends with you over a year ago Darrah and I also publicly apologized for claiming 90% of girls at shows are prostituting. I took it back and I was wrong to say it even though it isn’t that far from being true. You defend prostitutes who fuck married men yet you talk shit about people shooting in neighborhoods where kids play? They aren’t shooting out in the street!!!!!!! But someone fucking a prostitute in a hotel room behind their wife’s back is risking far more damage to their kids and their wives in my opinion. I am a child of divorce and saw what it did to my brother and I. I see what it has done to many other kids as well. I would bet your husband is fucking behind YOUR back and I really hope he is paying for it! lmao
I say it’s time for Darrah to show herself and put her money where her big mouth is.

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