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Mariah Talks about her Wild Weekend

Night Moves Awards

by Mariah Milano

Mariah with Angelina Armani

I happen to live in Tampa where the 17th annual Night Moves Awards was being held and I was asked to be involved in the events this year. I went last year but didn’t know I would be in town until a few days before so I didn’t take part in any of the events but had a great time. I met some new friends and took some great pics too!

This year was a much bigger show than last year with the Wicked movie 2040 release party as well as Wicked being the central theme of the show. I have known Jessica Drake since we shot together in 2000 and we’ve always been cool. Last year I don’t think there was a specific theme like this year so it was a little different.

The first night was at the Bliss Cabaret in Clearwater and due to my friend Savannah Stern’s flight landing at 5:30 and having to attend the meeting at the hotel at 7 we didn’t end up getting to the club until around 11:00 but it was packed and everyone was partying and having a great time. I got to spend some time with my friend Will Ryder who funny enough shot me in his first movie ever back in 2000 called “Web Chicks Gone Crazy”. He also shot me in 2007 in “Barely Milfs” which was an Adam n Eve collaboration. Funny here we are 9 years later and he’s getting the Lifetime Achievement Award. He’s a great guy and very down to earth and deserves everything he has gotten. I think it’s time to take a break on the parodies though!

Derrick Pierce & Mariah
It was interesting for me to see so many of the Porn Stars together because there is so much bullshit between some girls in the industry but there didn’t seem to be any issues at all the entire time which was awesome. There were girls who were brand new and some weren’t brand new but I had never heard of lol There was one girl named Kasey Grant who was hustling the entire time at every event. On stage, giving dances you name it she was working it! Good for her.

Then there was the other side of things such as a girl who has a really big name who had to suck a cab driver’s dick because she forgot her money at the hotel. Have you seen many can drivers’ who’s dick you would suck??? Not me!!!! I can’t imagine that! I won’t say the name but if you know her at all you wouldn’t be surprised!

Mariah with Trina Michaels
The new girls had so much energy and were great like Nikki Sexton. She was very nice and she was another one who wasn’t afraid to get up on the stage and have some fun. I was up there a few times with Savannah and we got a little wild as to be expected. I got to meet Nikki Rhodes who is adorable and so sweet! I had mistaken her for someone else one night and when someone asked to take our photo together I blew her off and was rude. It was dark and everyone was buying us shots and I thought she was another girl I had met on a Brazzers set a year ago who was a bitch  to everyone. We made up the next night as you can see and it’s all good now. I can’t wait to get my hands on her in a shoot!

Nikki Rhodes kissing Mariah
The awards show was awesome and I presented the award for best Topless Dancer and best Topless Club. The manager kept giving me shots of Crown and by the time I walked out of there I was shit faced. I was making out with all these different girls while waiting for the Valet and got finger fucked by a girl named Lulu which is a first for me! lol
The bad part of the night happened after that when we stopped by the hotel where everyone was staying which I addressed in a previous thread and don’t need to go into again. It happened and it’s over with.

Mariah signing ( I notice there is one drink for each hand, lol)

Overall the night was awesome. Everyone seemed to have a great time and all of the clubs were very gracious hosts even though the strippers didn’t make as much money as they would have due to all the pornstars there, they were still nice and very accommodating.
Above are some pics from the event that I took or that were taken for me.


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