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Marie Luv Gets Down & Dirty with Tori Black and tells us all the Details!

I’ve admired Marie Luv since I saw her tight body in a Sado-Mas internet vid she did where a huge iron collar around her neck kept her chained to a wall and she was force feed a rock hard cock, then chained to a torture rack and screwed helplessly. Hot, hot scene. I met Marie a couple weeks ago on Twitter, and I can tell you one thing for sure, she is NOT submissive in real life, lol. Marie has a really interesting blog that she writes and she includes everything in explicit language. So if you like girls that talk dirty you should check it out at  Here is a sample, I had to cut it down, but I left in all the juicy parts…


When I arrive on set Tori Black is in full makeup looking super fucking sexy… Back to the scene…so I’m just going to get right to the dirty details. We start the off as bikini models oiling each other up. Pat Myne is playing this photographer who is surprised when we get crazy with the oil & start rubbing all over each other. After some nice girl play we invite the cock to the action. We both attack his cock like starving dogs. She was sucking the head, while I sucked along the side of his cock up & down his shaft. We shared the dick…we kissed…sucked balls…deep throat. Pretty much worshiped that cock. So I think I took the first ride. Yes because I was riding him cowgirl & Tori was pouring oil all over my small tight black ass. I’m really trying to give all the details but there just not in order in my head. LOL. I know that Pat made Tori squirt during the scene. It wasn’t no Flower Tucci or Jada Fire squirt but but a more regular less liquid version. I got my ass fucked while Tori ate my pussy and boy did she do it so well. I came so fucking hard I thought I was going to squirt. I like the fact that we got to really go down each other. Not that fake porno pussy eating bullshit. One point I was getting fucked doggy with my face deep in Tori’s pussy fucking her shit with my tongue. Man we pretty much got down hardcore & fucked for real period. We ended the scene making out & Pat came on our mouth as we kissed. We made sure to lick up all the extra cum from each others faces. After the scene me & Tori took a shower together & washed each other down. I know that it will be released through Zero Tolerance/Third Degree. I know I’ll be in touch with Pat Myne so I’ll let you know as soon as this scene is released. I got some behind the scenes pics & a little video. The video footage is YouTube friendly but the pics was us fucking around hardcore. Between this blog the pictures & the BTS video you should really get a feel that this was a good scene. Enjoy!!


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