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Marie Madison- “11% of my audience thinks I’m a transvestite.”

Interview by Natasha Badanov


Ten years ago, Marie Madison started making porn. In order to achieve world domination, she and Pulse Distribution joined forces in late 2009—she is now more accessible to an even larger audience and her fan club is growing by the day. Being a performer, director and studio owner is time consuming, but she carved some of her day out to answer a few questions.


How did you get into porn?
Like a lot of girls, I answered a “Models Wanted” ad. I did exactly one scene, and realized that the vast majority “Porn Valley” had gotten it wrong. I found that talent is largely seen as a disposable commodity, but it got me hooked on the idea of using film as a medium for sexual expression. I started small, just a camera and some lights, and started filming. I feel lucky that I found an audience and have been able to make this my career.


What do you like best about being a performer and a director?
They are two very different hats. I enjoy the crafting part of creating something new as a director. It’s exciting to see my fantasies play out on film and get feedback from my fans. As a performer, well… there’s not a lot of jobs you can have so much sex at. Ha ha.


What’s the best part of being a woman and owning your own company?
The benefits of being a business owner are many. Set your own hours, pick your projects and mostly importantly, you can have Naked Wednesdays. But those things aren’t exclusive to being a woman, which in my experience has been more of a hindrance, than a benefit. Being a woman, I face lowered expectations, the assumption that I’m a “dumb porn star” and the general disbelief at the front door that I have any type of real decision making ability or say in the operations of my company. Most people just assume I’m a contract girl behind whatever dude is really running Maddy G. These things happen every day.


How did you choose your porn name?
By accident. At the very, very beginning, I chose the stage name Marie Maxwell. When Mark Audess, my business partner, registered the domain name, he registered Marie Madison. And that was pretty much it. My friends all call me Maddy, which is short for Madison.


You have chosen to make porn outside of Chatsworth (AKA The Porn Capital). How has that worked for you in the way of advantages and disadvantages?
Location. Location. Location! Ha ha. Honestly, that’s very much it. You don’t have to look at too many movies made in “Porn Valley” to recognize the same empty mansions in half of them. All within an hour of The Play Place, I have mountains, beaches, dense woods, inner city, urban decay… the list goes on and on. I’m an hour from the real, honest to goodness Amish Country. Good luck finding that in “Porn Valley”. The disadvantage is that I’m on the other side of the country away from some of the best artists in the industry. Even though I pay for airfare and hotel, it’s difficult for me to book talent, because it’s half day’s travel, just to get here from California.


Your movies definitely stand out—they are really very creative and innovative. Some days, do you think about making “vanilla porn” like everyone else?
No, that’s never even been an option. Since the day I opened my web site and published my e-mail address on the Internet, I haven’t listened to anyone, but the fans who watch my work. It’s never been a temptation for me to “cash in” on trends, because I’m guided by the opinions of the people who are actually buying my movies, and in many cases, waiting for them to arrive in their favorite stores.


In your movie, Regarding Jenny, you have sex with a Real Doll named Jenny Densuke. What was that like and how do you prepare for a role like that?
Well, when I first met Jenny, the attraction was pretty clear. She’s perfect. As both a co-star and a performer in my cast, I couldn’t ask for anything more. She works very hard, doesn’t mind long shooting days and takes direction very well. She has a sense of the camera that you can’t teach actresses. And aside from that, she has a real desire to give the fans a great show, and that’s hard to come by in the industry today. It’s no surprise to me that she’s been recognized with so many award nominations. My hope is that someday, Dolls will gain enough respect in the Industry to actually win a few.


What performer would you most like to do a scene with and why?
Wow, that’s a tough one. How about a short list of three?
Number one would be Janine. Her and I have traveled very similar paths, and I think the intersection would be interesting. Next up would be Sasha Grey. She is one of best actresses I’ve seen. More than the sex, I want to write a character for her and push her to act her ass off. And lastly, I would have to say Marie Luv. I really think she would fuck the shit out of me. There, I said it.


You do an Adult sitcom called Inside Marie’s Play Place that’s reality- based. What is it like to work in an office with the people who appear in your movies?
After 10 years, “The Play Place” has become one very large cast of characters. It’s become a bit of a home for all these people who the world has cast aside, because our tastes are a little eccentric. It’s interesting to the audience, who tunes in to watch us—they get to know these people in real time, because they actually do work here. Mark Audess really does shoot and edit and runs the web site. John Michaels really is an Illustrator and cartoonist. He draws our storyboards and cartoons for our newsletters, and does any animation you see in the show. Rachel Porter really is a legal assistant. Jade Houston really is slutty. I guess, aside from all the sex and nudity, it’s like working in any other office. There’s the same drama, controversy and “water cooler” gossip. We’ve just seen each other naked.


Did you ever work in an office or have a regular job outside of porn? What was it and what was it like?
In my life, I’ve had a few “regular” jobs. I worked in medical billing, was an office manager at a doctor’s office and a medical secretary. I also worked in private home healthcare and was a bartender. And, I’m both a certified massage therapist and an ordained minister. Any job I’ve had before this, sucks in comparison.

If you could do a remake or parody of an old school porn or a mainstream TV show, what would it be?
Well, first you’d have to tie both my hands and drag me kicking and screaming to set. If you could pull that off…then, well…I guess I’d shoot whatever was in front of me.

Favorite sex toy?
There’s a Teardrop Bullet Mini Vibe that sells, that just blows my bind. I’ve burned up like a half dozen of them, and I’m too embarrassed to ask them for more. So…any donations are cheerfully accepted. Hint, hint, Babeland.

Favorite sexual position?
For vag, me on top. Anal would be on mid side or missionary on my back.
With BJs, it’s always on my knees.

What’s up next?
Oh my…how much space do you have? Well, the Inside Marie’s Play Place
show is more or less always in production. I have a pet project called One Note Affair that I’m working on. The fans have more or less demanded another All Girls Taste Different, so I’m doing a sequel. Doll Porn outsells almost everything else right now, so I’m working with Jenny and Dai on a new movie. I’m doing a couple more micro-fetish films for the Giantess and Bubble Gum fans. Rachel Lynn Porter has a story for Indiscretions 2 thatreally got my attention. And, Mark Audess is in pre-production on his first feature for Maddy G Productions. His film is called Possession and if we can put it together, it’ll be the biggest thing we’ve ever done. So yeah, stay tuned. We’re up to all kinds of mischief here.

What’s your life like outside porn?
My life inside and out of “The Industry” is pretty much the same. My work, to a large extent IS my life. When I’m not doing the actual “work” parts of my job (shooting, performing, the day to day tasks of keeping our train on it’s tracks, etc.), I’m at home doing a lot of the writing. So, I guess I’m still working a bit there—it just doesn’t feel like it. Since much of my life is in public, when I do have some down time, I tend to stay at home and catch up on movies, music or just try and unplug and re-charge.

Tell us a secret about you that no one knows.
Huh. Really, for the last 10 years, there’s been an open door between my life and the world through my website. I don’t feel like there’s much about me no one knows. I can tell you a few things that probably a lot of people don’t know. I’m visually disabled with a degenerative eye disease. I’m obviously not blind, but I do have special assistance in my work. Larger typed scripts and bigger monitors, that sort of thing. I really am a Mom. I have two kids that I don’t talk about much. Around people I don’t know well, I’m very shy  and have a fear of public speaking. Roughly 11% of my audience thinks I’m a transvestite. I’m obsessed with learning how to squirt, but I’ve only done it once.  


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