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Marilyn Chambers, a Proud and Loving Mother

Painting & story by Denise LaFrance

She was a fantastic and proud and loving Mother–an articulate woman with a wry sense of humor and an open, ready heart…not one bit judgmental or snobby…I will always remember her as a very, very kind human being. I am proud and honored to have had the privelege of knowing her and calling her my friend.
We’d had a plan to go out dressed as old ladies (a la Granny Klump style) and go play BINGO for a girls night out…sad to say it didn’t happen…and now, never will…maybe there’s BINGO in heaven.
Meanwhile, here’s a part of the interview where she is speaking about Motherhood…and I found it to be very touching and indicative of her value as a human being.
Feel free to post this anywhere you see fit. Please just mention somewhere that this is a discussion between she and I…so people understand the context in which this was written.

Marilyn: (speaking about the multitude of fans  approaching her;  asking for autographs and what her daughter thinks of that)

“Oh yeah. Yeah. It can be bothersome to be approached all the time…such as when I am trying to enjoy a Mother-Daughter dinner together at a restaurant, but right now, because I’m not really in the Public Eye, that attention has really kind of faded.
My star has faded! (laughs)
Denise: Well, not in MY eyes!…
Marilyn: Well, thank you Denise.
But it’s true and I know that.
And it’s the kind of thing where my daughter wasn’t really “there” in my hey-day where people would recognize me in the street and stuff so I am not approached as frequently anymore for the autographs as back in the highlight.
My daughter knows that I’ve been famous and all that stuff and I think when she was younger, it would have seemed   very embarrassing for her but now , because she’s older, she better understands the fans and  thinks it’s rather cool!
Imagine being a kid and going, “Yeah…uh…that’s disgusting” as some kids may…
(in reference to fans invading their privacy and coming up for autographs.)
But she’s cool about it!
She’s a great kid and we tell each other that we love each other all the time.
We have a very special and amazing relationship.
She understands me and realizes that that whole film business was but just one small fragment of what makes up the total of who and what I am. She knows all of me and I — her.
Number one, she’s my only child. Obviously, we’re very close. She can tell me anything.
She wrote something the other day and it was about how much she admired her parents.
It brought tears to my eyes.  I’ll treasure that forever.
That kind of thing really makes everything worth it-when your kid recognizes the fact that you’re really a very interested parent.
I go to all her back-to-school nights.  I know all her teachers…and this is in high school, so it’s probably embarrassing for her, but I am very, very into making sure that she’s not slacking off and all that.
She’s really a very good student. I’m very very proud of her.
My daughter says I’m “school-oriented!” and though that is true, I’m moreso very HER oriented. I am truly blessed to have this amazing daughter and, every day, I give thanks that I have her in my Life.”

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