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Marilyn’s Friends & CoWorkers Remember Her

I am receiving comments from her collegues and will post them as they come in….

Raven Touchstone- I will never forget the pool table sequence in INSATIABLE,
ending with her saying “more…More….MORE….”  A brilliant performance.

Suze Randall– Marilyn was a sexual pioneer.
She pushed the envelope with a lot of class.
She would have been a gold medalist if sex was an Olympic event!
She certainly didn’t need any direction from me – all I had to do was
keep the camera steady!
All my love & thoughts to her family.

Lisa Massaro from Club– Marilyn has always been special to me because she was my first contract girl, already exclusive to Club when I started with the company years ago. I found her to be very charismatic, smart and funny. She had an open and outgoing personality and was always kind; I was new and a nobody and she was a big porn star who treated me as a friend. I can’t believe she’s gone and I am deeply saddened by her death.

Georgina SpelvinAnother star has been placed in the firmament. Her contributions to our collective sense of sensuality will shine long after lesser lights fade. She was a true original and a good friend. She will be missed.

(if you have worked with Marilyn, and would like to comment drop me an e-mail)

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