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Marina Maywood- Can you say ATTITUDE PROBLEM?

NL-I’ve never heard of this girl. I’ve never noticed her in a movie I have watched. If you look at her pictures, she ain’t “all that”, but she sure thinks she is. Last week this girl was complaining because she said LA Direct wasn’t paying her. Yesterday she wrote this-

by Marina Maywood from her blog

Stop sending me bullshit job requests
1) Rates may be lower these days, but they’re not as low as you think.

2) I will not go through the trouble of providing you with a specific outfit (when I have such a large wardrobe for you to pick from already) for that low of a rate, even if I decided to shoot for you. Stop thinking your “plot” ideas are interesting or original. They’re not. And nobody cares about the minutiae of the outfit.

3) Likewise, I will not drive out of my way to shoot for an unknown company for a lower rate.

4) I will not take a check unless it’s from a very reputable company. Checks can be cancelled, faked, put on hold (which means that I can deposit a check today but it will not clear until 3 weeks from now or some other date), or may just not go through because your funds are too low.

Got it? Now stop asking me stupid questions.

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