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Marina Maywood has a High IQ, is calm and has perfect collarbones, just ask her…

Random facts about me you never wanted to know

by Marina Maywood from her blog

Okay, so everyone seems to be in a bad mood lately… Let’s feel a little more positive about our lives, shall we? And there’s no better place to start than feeling good about yourself, so… What do you like most about yourself? Write it down or just think about it, whatever, but I think this is a good list to have on hand when you’re feeling down.

I’ll start with a few things I like about myself. ?

1) My high IQ and fast learning ability. It has helped me do things like learn languages (though I admit Latin was my Kryptonite), breeze through 8 semesters of college in 6 semesters (while taking a lot of unnecessary classes), learn years of advanced chemistry in a couple of months, and study quantum physics formulas just for the hell of it.

2) My small boobs. I was afraid of having big breasts growing up, and thankfully my fear never came true… Hence I won’t get breast implants, ever. I also love my collarbones. And my nose, which I broke twice (the cartilage, not the bone) and have since had put back together, so it finally looks good as new again.

3) The fact that people tell me I’m very calming to be around. (Unless I’m pissed off, but it is very hard to make me angry and that almost never happens.) People say I’m very easy to get along with, and I like being the drama-free queen. (Of course, while I never cause drama, I do stand up for myself when I need to. This also comes in handy… Hey, never make a Taurus angry.)

4) My indecisiveness. Some may see it as a flaw, but I see it as a positive trait – it has led me to move many times throughout my life, which in turn has let me experience unfamiliar cultures and places. And because I could never pick just one hobby, I have at one time or another been an expert at French horn and mellophone, classical painting (I attended classes at a European school with a very rigorous program), and ballet. I have also dabbled in archery, surfing, and skydiving. (Not tandem! Going tandem is not real skydiving, as far as I’m concerned. When you fly in a plane, do you tell people that you flew a plane? It’s like that. I’ve digressed though… At any rate, I think forcing yourself to step out of a plane is the best thing you can ever do for your psyche and I highly recommend it.)

5) I’m a survivor. I will not go into detail of all the things I’ve been through (before I ever got into porn), but when some people would have shut down, I have always continued to stay positive. I am also a survivor in the physical sense, seeing as how I can apparently walk away from many car rolls and from falling off a tree and landing with my spine firmly wedged on top of a sharp rock. I should be a comic book character, no?

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