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Marina Maywood IS DONE!

From Marina Maywood’s blog

I am done chasing money. And I’m done being around drama that I don’t need. (I’m not talking about everyone in the biz, just in general.) I am content with living simply. I’m happy with what I have right now. In fact, I am happy that I don’t have much right now. In a way, it’s easier. All I need is clean air and good company, and some good clean fun. I am taking care of myself now. My body is my temple, and it is meant for cuddling, working out, and eating organic avocados, not for being punished. I am in love with my life, my friends (the ones who will never betray me), my pets, and a certain someone (but that’s a secret). I don’t want to perform anymore. I am living my life for myself, and I don’t need it validated by a camera. And I will actually have a schedule soon! So excited about that (no I’m not being sarcastic). My life rocks.

(P.S. You know what else rocks? Parentheses.)

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