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Marina Maywood Says Hire Me or Don’t

NL- This might be the only time in my life I ever say this, lol, I AGREE with Marina Maywood!

People need to get off their collective high horse!

by Marina Maywood

Even in the porn world, there’s right and wrong, classy and cheap, and everything in between. Yeah, I used to shoot with guys and I did interracial, and I don’t regret any of it (other than the times I could have done a better job), and wouldn’t hide any of it either. If I’m happy, the person I worked with is happy, the production company is happy, and the audience is happy, what is the fucking problem???

I choose to only do girl/girl and solo shoots right now because that is simply what I feel like doing at the moment! I’m not looking down on girls who shoot boy/girl, or girls who don’t shoot porn at all, and I don’t look up to them either. But apparently, my choice regarding my current work availability is a problem with everyone.

I have production companies that mainly shoot hardcore boy/girl stuff telling me that once I’ve done their shoots I can’t really go back to doing girl/girl so I might as well just start doing boy/girl again. (Which is a lot of bullshit, by the way, because even when I did boy/girl, I shot a lot of girl/girl and solo as well.)

Then I have people who are against porn in all its forms saying that any kind of adult shoot is cheap and disgusting and blah blah blah… And now I have people who mainly shoot “classy” girl/girl porn saying that because I’ve done boy/girl work in the past, I need to change my stage name if I’m going to shoot for them. What kind of sense does that even make??

People who know me already know my work by the “Marina Maywood” name. And no offense, but girl/girl porn is still porn. It’s not better than boy/girl porn, or any other kind of shoot including mainstream.

It’s not worse but it’s not better, so everybody just shut up already!!!

If I only feel like doing girl/girl and solo that’s what I’ll do, and if you don’t want to book me because I’ve done boy/girl, then fuck you. I’ll find work elsewhere.

This may come as a shock to some, but porn is not a career for me. It’s something I dabble in, something that at times is lucrative and is for the most part fun, but I’m not going to bend over backwards to be successful at it. That includes accepting shoots I don’t feel like doing (boy/girl at the moment) and changing any part of my persona to do “classy” shit. This is me. Take it or leave it. Hire me or don’t. Yes or no. But I will not play your silly little games with you.

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