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Marina Maywood-Why I hate L.A. Direct

NL-I don’t know the porn actress, Marina Maywood, who wrote this. Never heard of her as a matter of fact. A reader sent me a link to her blog (TY kind reader). But she says she has not been paid by LA Direct and is leaving the industry. Here’s her blog,

Why I hate L.A. Direct
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from her myspace blog

The fact that I haven’t gotten any work in almost a month is actually not a big deal. The economy sucks, rates are lower these days, blah blah blah…. Mainly, I’m just not really interested in shooting anymore. I’m moving on to other things, so if I don’t shoot again, that’ll just help me along. Not to say that I won’t do a scene here and there, because I truly love the industry, but obviously I’d rather do it through another agency (once I get out of my contract) or book shoots myself.

At any rate, I was supposed to get a check weeks ago for work that I did back in the beginning of March. I keep calling L.A. Direct, leaving them messages, and they keep claiming that they’re “busy” and “will get back to” me, and a myriad of other lies and excuses. Is it really so hard to believe that I expect to be paid for work that I do? Why are they holding my money hostage? Seriously, WTF, L.A. Direct???

NL- Would love to hear the other side of the story. I have never heard of LA Direct not paying someone they owed. They are well known for many things, including keeping a tight reign on their girls and for paying their bills

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