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Mary Carey Calls From Rehab

2:33 p.m. Audio

Luke: “Mary!”

Mary: “Lukie Pookie.”

Luke: “How’s your rehab coming along?”

Mary: “Great. I’m learning a lot.”

Luke: “What are you learning?”

Mary: “The first step is to admit you’re powerless to alcohol… To list the different ways alcohol has ruined you. …You have to list examples of insane behavior… As I’m writing it down, whoa, a lot of problems due to alcohol.”

Luke: “Do you honestly think you could do porn scenes if you weren’t doing drugs or alcohol?”

Mary: “Not sure yet.”

“A lot of the therapies — art therapy, music therapy — brings out the kid in you. You realize how happy you can be sober. I’m enjoying the friendships I’m building with different people here.

“I’m getting ready to probably go to sober living after here.”

Luke: “Have you had any sex since you’ve been there?”

Mary: “Nope. No sex.”

Luke: “Any scenes?”

Mary: “Nope. We’re not allowed to.

“It’s not even on my mind. We have a lot to read. I’m writing a lot of journals. Meetings. It’s fun to get to know the people here. I realize that I haven’t sat and gotten to know a lot of people sober.”

“I’ve met someone here who’s going to be my acting coach. Another girl here runs a mainstream agency. Her mom’s a manager.

Dr. Drew [Loveline] is an amazing doctor. You can’t get better.”

Luke: “Why do you think you drink?”

Mary: “That’s like a lot of things. You’ll have to watch and find out. I don’t know how much I can say. I’m mic’d right now. I save my cell phone usage.”

“This is the longest I’ve been sober in a long time [ten days, she’ll be in until Aug. 19].

“We get up at 7:30 every day.”

“I always thought that when people said that alcoholism is a disease, that it was an excuse.”

Luke: “You’re going to have to change all your friends if you want to stay sober.”

Mary: “I might be able to still hang out with people who drink.”

Luke: “What finally convinced you to go to rehab?”

Mary: “I can’t say that. I’m mic’d.”

“Drinking makes me an asshole.”

Luke: “What percentage of your scenes were done under the influence of drugs or alcohol?”

Mary: “The last year and a half. I didn’t really do that before. Once in a while. I didn’t drink until after I ran for governor.”

“I had a little accident with my car right before I came in. Being drunk, I decided to open the car door in the middle of an intersection and the door got smooshed. That was definitely a wake-up call that I needed to change.”

Luke: “Has God spoken to you?”

Mary: “Not yet.”

“I cry every day. I’m an emotional girl.”

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