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Mary Carey Exclusive Interview “Her Husband, Sex, Reality TV” Part 2

Part one is here

NL-This little bit was in the first half of the interview that I posted, but it helps understand where we are starting off in the second half  (AF: Did you end up having a falling out with Dr Drew because you did that parody porn Dr Screw?
M: That was David’s idea and I didn’t really want to do it. Drew got mad. I understand him being mad about me going back to porn but I don’t think he should have cared about the spoof. There are so many spoofs of everything I don’t understand why he was so insulted.
AF: Because it was a parody of him, having sex with his patients!
M: I wrote him an email apology. I do want to go back on now that I’m sober.
AF: When that movie came out I wrote to Dr Drew and asked him how he felt about it and he wrote something back to me like Mary is making bad decisions.)

Interview By Cindi Loftus  
Photos Courtesy Of Mary Carey 
©2010 Xcitement Magazine

M: I heard he said that about my marriage too. I understand that a lot of people think it’s weird to get married after you have known someone seven weeks, but I just felt that we are a really good match.
AF: When you left Sober House, you did that one Dr Screw video, and was that all the porn you did?
M: Yes, because then I met Mario.
AF: So you are totally not doing scenes right now for movies, but you are doing solo stuff for your new website, right?
M: It’s the website stuff and feature dancing.
AF: I’m really glad we are getting to do an interview, it’s been awhile!
M: When I got into porn, back in 2002 with my collection of Xcitement magazines. I was telling Mario that I love Cindi because I used to study her magazine and memorize everything before I got into the biz.
AF: So it’s all my fault!
M: No. I’m so excited to be doing an interview with you again because Xcitement is the first magazine I ever read. I didn’t even know any porn stars except those on Xcitement. I think I can go back and name the girls on the covers.  I also remember that article you did with Briana Banks that was inside the magazine.
AF: I wanted to have her on the cover, but they wouldn’t do it because no one had heard of her yet. But I can’t believe you remember that. You really like sports, how did you get into that?
M: When I first moved out to LA I went to a Laker’s game and I got a lot of attention. I liked all the fans and people would yell, I voted for you Mary. And then I went to my second game and brought Hannah Harper with me and we wore low-cut shirts and made signs and the next day I was in the LA Times with a story titled “You Can Blame the Lakers for being a little bit Distracted.” And they talk about me sitting behind the bench. After that I thought it would be good publicity. Then Tawny (Roberts) and I started going  to the games and we met all the players.
AF: I know you dated a lot of “playas” I mean players. (laughs)
M: Yes I did. I also went to Yankees games and dated one of those players. (She names names, but I  don’t want to get any of these guys in trouble) I don’t know what it is about sports guys, but I’ve always like the athletes.
AF: Do you ever see Eric? (Her first husband)
M: When we were together I was young. I had just run for governor and I had all these famous people calling me. You know when Eminem called me I flew out to see him. I don’t think I was ready for a serious married relationship.
AF: But now you are.
M: I am. Mario is very tolerable.
AF: Do you mean he’s very tolerant of you, or he’s easy to tolerate?
M: Oh, he’s tolerant of me. (Laughs)
AF: I saw that you have a tattoo now. I was surprised!
M: We both got each other’s names on our wrists and it’s the only tattoo I have. I always wanted to get one tattoo, so I can see what it feels like, and this is it.
AF: So what are you doing besides your website and feature dancing?
M: I go on these mainstream auditions and I hate it. I’ve gotten one part out of the eight I have auditioned for.
AF: That’s great odds, people are lucky if they get one out of two hundred!
M: Yeah, I know, but I still hate it. The movie is called Hollywood Method and I play a porn star named Veronica who gets the main character to come with me to a porn set.
AF: So you corrupt her.
M: Exactly.
AF: What else mainstream have you done?
M: I’m working on getting my own reality show.
AF: Very cool. I want to be on it! How’s your mom doing?
M: She’s able to walk with a walker now and she has lots of friends where she is living.
AF: I’m glad to hear it. I’m sure everyone always recognizes you, but does anyone ever recognize Mario and think he is someone famous? Because he reminds me of someone famous.
M: Oh my gosh, yes they do. When we first started dating we went Mizner Park in Boca and all these people started recognizing him saying, Oh my God it’s Turtle from Entourage. And they came over to Mario asking for a picture. Sometimes they think he is a UFC fighter or a baseball player.
AF: Tell me about the first time you had sex with Mario.
M: Well we were on the couch and I was watching a show and he kept grabbing my boobs, and I was thinking he’s very aggressive. And I told him stop touching me, you can do it during the commercials. (Laughs) So then we had sex and when I woke up he was gone. I didn’t think I would ever see him again.  But then we ended up together a couple days later and I like that he is aggressive and strong and at that time he didn’t know much about me.
AF: You probably like him being aggressive because so many guys are intimidated by you and he obviously isn’t.
M: He said that he thinks it’s better that he didn’t know anything about me when he first met me, because he might have been intimidated if he know all the stuff. I like that better too.  But he broke his arm in April, so now I always have to be on top.
AF: So how is it to have sex with your husband?
M: It’s definitely the best ever and he has a really big dick and I keep telling him why don’t you just do porn with me.
AF: He could do scenes for your website and not even show his face on camera.
M: I’m trying to convince him. He’s been working out a lot more and he looks really good, and he says maybe he’ll do it. So we’ll see.
AF: Have you done a girl/girl threesome with Mario off camera?
M: No. I don’t think he’s comfortable with that.
AF: We are just used to a different kind of porn minded guy. He has to meet some normal people in porn and get used to us.
M: I think I like that he’s so normal.
AF: He is normal and he has a regular good job. (He’s an electrician) He gets up and goes to work in the morning.
M: He does fly out Friday after work and comes out to see me on Friday & Saturday to where I am featuring when he can.
AF: So what is on your new website? Solo masturbation scenes. I see that you have toy videos of you on here too!
M: And strip teases and silly videos of me.
AF: You look so great in this video on your site. You are so thin. Your waist looks like it is fifteen inches around!
M: It’s the outfit.
AF: Oh stop. Well you are funny, so I am sure the videos are funny. I’d also like it if you did on the street reporting, because you were so good at that and so funny when you did it on Playboy TV. You would be a good MC on things.
M: I love doing that. I love hosting, like wet t-shirt contests.
AF: I can’t wait to see all the new things you will be doing on your site. Do you have a message for your fans?
M: To everyone who has been a fan throughout the years thank you, and to all my new fans, welcome to Mary Land!

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