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Mary Carey Looks AMAZING!

I read a bullshit rumor circling around that my friend Mary was having hip replacement surgery because of her use of heroin. I have known Mary for many years and I know she doesn’t do heroin, but I wanted to hear what she had to say about it. I also had her send me some recent pics of her so you all can see how AMAZING she looks. She actually looks the best I have ever seen her. She’s getting better with age. Look at the muscles in her legs! We will be doing an interview soon~ And btw, these photos are not retouched-


Hey Cindi,
Wow, I can’t believe some of the false and ridiculous stories I read about myself. This one made me laugh for many reasons. Number 1 I have never done heroin. I did go to celeb rehab but that was because I was addicted to xanax which I took to sleep at night since I used to have so much trouble sleeping. Number 2 I have never injected anything into my legs other than getting cortisone shots twice for a minor knee injury. Number 3 I still feature dance 2 to 3 times a month and anyone who has seen me on stage knows how I pull my legs up to 180 degree splits on the pole and do a lot of moves using my hips. I am really upset with these people and all the other websites that have nothing better to do with their time and make stuff up about me. Oh well. I think it will be fun to do our interview together so I can clear up a lot of the misconceptions about me that are out there.


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