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Mary Carey Update

Mary calls me Thursday afternoon.

Luke: “Are you still in Sober Living?”

Mary: “No.”

She laughs.

Mary: “I can’t say who, but one of the people in Sober Living who’s also on the television show, is absolutely insane. I just could not be around her any longer. One time she tried to choke me. She’s crazy. So I left Sober Living.

“This happened about a week ago. I was in Sober Living for about a week and a half. But I’m still doing pretty good.”

“I miss having anyone around me.”

Luke: “Are you still sober?”

Mary: “I can’t talk about that.”

“VH1 doesn’t want us to talk about stuff until it [Celebrity Rehab] airs. Reality shows are weird. They have all these weird rules.”

Luke: “Do you see Dr. Drew?”

Mary: “I haven’t seen him since rehab. He does lectures on Wednesday. We were supposed to have a meeting but I couldn’t make it. I was getting my hair done.”

“I’m so upset. I’m missing this really expensive necklace. When I used to be drunk, people used to steal stuff from me and I didn’t notice.”

Mary’s packing two bags for her five days in Florida. “It’s been a month since I’ve seen my mom. That’s the longest I’ve gone without seeing her since she jumped.”

Luke: “I gotta finish eating my lunch.”

Mary: “I always know I’m boring you when you say, ‘I gotta go now.’ You shouldn’t be Luke Is Back. You should be Luke Is Bored.”

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