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Mary Carey’s Former Campaign Manager Rips Her

I call Mary Tuesday morning. Her message says she will be unable to answer her phones for the next few weeks. I assume that means she’s in rehab.

Steve York posts to this Howard Stern listener thread:

Dear Howard and company;

Believe me, I have problems even writing this letter and wasting my time with the void of a human being known as Mary Carey, but given her continued appearances on the Howard Stern Show in what amounts to little more than an effort to pollute the Sirius Satellite waves, I figure its about time I said something and expose her for the lying bitch she is. I haven’t bothered after the last few appearances of hers (figuring shutting my trap would be the modest thing to do), but that scene with her mother last Thursday made me sick about how gullible the Howard Stern Show could be to buy her shit, let alone give her any air time. I’m puzzled why such shitty radio continues to permeate from Studio 69 with millions of listeners (including myself) forking over $13 a month for this terrible excuse of a guest and entertainment.

Perhaps I should first introduce myself; my name is Steve York (or Stevie Why in the porn industry) and I was Mary’s “Campaign Manager” when she ran for California governor late last year. It started out simple enough; we had met briefly in Sacramento while lobbying on behalf of the adult industry and later she formed a working relationship with a group of friends of mine in a band who had written music for my adult productions and even wrote her a theme song (she seemed just sane enough when she would come down to San Diego and be away from the porn business around a bunch of college kids who weren’t obsessed with the whole porn aspect). I offered (for free) to set up a number of events for Mary in the build up to the 2006 election on California college campuses; all I asked for in return (fully knowing she never had a chance in hell of winning; it was all a publicity stunt) was to get a chance to register a few college aged voters and feel like I did my civic duty. After Mary’s assistant/current fuck had dumped her, she pleaded with me to help her out on the road during her club appearances especially given that her mother had jumped off that building just weeks before. I reluctantly agreed. That was the worst and most costly mistake I could ever make.

It all started out on a bad foot; the day of the “campaign” kick off in San Diego in September in front of hundreds of college students Mary pretty much OD’d on Xanax the night before barely making it to the event; I had to drag her out of bed and dress her naked body as I tried everything to wake her ass up including blowing a boat’s air horn in her face. Expecting moderate media attention and spending hundreds of dollars of my own money (even giving away a Sirius radio out of my own pocket) to insure the event went off without a hitch, I was shocked to finally wake her up and barely make it the event. She even surprised the crowd with her honesty and platform which totally shocked me given how fucked up she had been just 20 minutes earlier. We were both surprised that night when we flew to Chicago for one of her strip club appearances that CNN had picked up on the story and was running it as a main story on headline news every 15 minutes; I pretty much did what I said I would given my limited media contacts in San Diego. She had asked me to smuggle Xanax for her on the plane…and you know what I did? I threw them out; she shit a brick but I wasn’t going to risk a felony charge over $15 in pills. I thought she showed some promise as we got back to Los Angeles and I took her to get an Ambien prescription (not to mention the morning after pill after she fucked her old boyfriend without a rubber and finished with a nice cream pie and I wasn’t going to give her a chance to tell another abortion story live on the air) but that didn’t last for long as Mary continued to get trashed every night and most days.

Remember that whole line about her not being obsessed with Wire Image after her mom tried to kill herself? A total lie. She was obsessed with going to the premiere of the shitty Robin William’s movie Man of the Year and even had the tenacity to ask her porn company to reimburse her $100 for the make-up session she had…right after she cost them over $1500 days before after she slept in a Xanax induced coma through a day of filming a scene for her new porn movie. I couldn’t help but comment about how oblivious a whore she was. She spent hours going through the images online while her mother (unbeknownst to me) lay 3000 miles away puking up her own bloody feces that had backed up from her small intestines as she lie in a dirty caretakers room.

Mary continued to book strip club appearances though I thought it would be best to spend a few weeks doing election related shit and really pile up the publicity and keep her schedule open in case her mother needed help; we finally made it to Florida (after she promised a much needed vacation where she would get us a hotel close to her mother; instead she stayed at some weird fucking friend of her’s 40 minutes away and I got to drive her back and forth) for her to check on her mother and it really went down hill from there. Judy was in such terrible shape (much worse than I could imagine) and literally was rotting away in a hospice and care center; Mary had to call 911 when she first saw her and re-submit her to the Emergency room. I asked Mary to keep the next few weeks open (as money was not much of an issue as she had made $7000 in cash just from one appearance the weekend before) and spend it taking care of her mom and see how the election publicity went; instead she booked a four day strip club appearance in Baltimore which meant I would receive a whopping $200 for helping her with her appearances for SIX FUCKING DAYS in Maryland. She became so hostile and mean when I mentioned I couldn’t spend that amount of time and had pretty much dropped my entire life to help her out as she got drunk every night while I had to stay sober to deal with mob bosses and abusive fans.

While her mom lay fucked up in bed at the hospital Mary went out and partied with Tito Ortiz’s manager and the UFC guys every night and day during the Tito Ortiz/Ken Shamrock fight in October at the Hardrock Hotel; she even sucked off Tito’s manager in a car full of people while her mom lay in the emergency room. She even met Jenna Jameson again for the first time in years…Jenna complimented Mary on the stories she read on a porn gossip site, all based on the events I organized and press releases I slaved over. I had my own fucking life risked when I was asked to DD for the friend she was staying with and he proceeded to get trashed and smoke a ton of weed out of a vaporizer, refused to hand over the wheel to me and lead us through a drunkened driving tour of shitty Florida as he made wrong turns and almost crashed his car head on. I refused to stay with him again after that and insisted on a hotel room, and following a fight the next day with Mary (after she screamed at me for trying to take a set of balloons I bought her mother to feel better down to the car), I calmly kept my cool and waited until we flew back to Los Angeles. I got off the plane and never talked to her again despite her calling me dozens of times and pleading with me through tons of text messages to organize the rest of her “campaign.” Considering I had pretty much organized everything in her Governor’s run, she soon dropped out of the race. That whole excuse about “dropping out” because of her sick mom? A total bullshit story; she dropped out because I refused to help her any more and be abused by that cunt.

Mary has serious mental and addiction problems, and believe me, to some degree even the staff at the Stern Show is to blame. Several weeks ago when Miss Howard Stern came in drunk the entire segment focused on pleading with her to get help; why hasn’t Howard even suggested the same with Mary? I guarantee Howard wouldn’t nonchalantly bring up her Xanax addiction if he saw her passed out almost to the point of overdosing (with its complications from massive alcohol intake) as I have. Does Howard considers her a porn whore unworthy of even the slightest amount of help when its been the Stern Show that has pretty much launched her career? I know Mary’s capable of change (she stopped taking Xanax the entire time I was with her after the refusal to smuggle it on the plane) but it just wasn’t worth it for me to even continue to bother (given that I told her from the get go this was a business relationship and I wouldn’t be fucking her or stealing her money like all the other losers who came before me). Instead of a bunch of horny fuck tards bending over to her every whim, all it takes is someone she respects just to say “NO.” Hell, I think even Artie could convince her! I know she respects the show deep down; instead of Jason and Will booking her for another terrible appearance, maybe you should refuse until she gets her act together before she kills herself or someone around her. I know it will happened one day soon given her current path she hasn’t seemed to have veered from.

But I can’t stay mad at the Stern Show, especially for the years of joy its given me and that I couldn’t have a lasting impression given the amount of effort I put into this whole crap fest; certainly I tried my best but couldn’t cope with the possibility of losing my life because of her irresponsibility. My work with her, just like last appearance, are now in the past. Instead of Howard’s pathetic and obviously uncomfortable plugs of her shitty website, perhaps next time he should ask about these:

-Why not ask her about the time we randomly met NBA player Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic (who by the way just signed a five year $80 million contract) during a flight out of LAX airport and they quickly formed a relationship. I’d never heard of the guy before that, so I was quite surprised to learn that he was so interested in me taking naked pictures of her while on the road at random strip clubs. Hell, even more so when it turned out he’s a devout Christian and even dreamed of adding the Christian cross to the NBA logo. Can you talk about a hypocrite? Or was it all part of Jesus’ plan for some hot interracial action?

-Or how about Mary’s friendship with Brooke Hogan who’s been on the show numerous times; that whole thing about Brooke being a virgin and even questioned by Howard about it? A total lie; she had lost her V-card long before and invented the virgin story in an effort to boost her “music” career. And even better? Brooke found one of Mary’s own movies under her dad’s bed; do you think Mike Walker would have had a field day running a story that Hulk Hogan loved dropping a load to one of his daughter’s friends? Hulk certainly has a thing for blondes!

I could go on and on with more stories, but why bother? Unlike those Christian wackos she used to hang around with, I believe people can be changed (and she doesn’t have one tenth the real problems most women in porn have) though I will always be pissed at her unless she decides to take her life seriously. She’s be on CelebRehab sponsored by VH1 soon; that certainly sounds like all the answers to her alcoholism and drug addiction rather than going to a SHRINK. Jeez, why do I let my blood still boil like this?

Mary still owes me close to $600 as a write this (I never even received the $20 for the balloons I bought her mom while she was in the hospital); or we can just call this little laundry airing even for the time I was forced to DD a drunk and coked out Chyna…er…China Doll home from Kendra Jade’s house where Joanie she proceeded to rape me in my car. This was not all before releasing some noxious gas in my passenger’s seat from the plastic surgery nightmare she calls her man-gina, let alone tearing the antenna out of my Sirius car kit. I had to tell her I was gay to wrestle my limp penis from her mouth and then drove around Los Angeles on the verge of tears disgusted with how I was used by that thing.

Much Love,
Stevie Why

P.S.-Mary even promised me to accompany her on her next appearance on the show if I came back and assisted her with the governor’s election knowing how big of a fan I was; suffice to say I put my principles first. Plus I have tons of other reasons to make it on the program (rather than riding a mediocre porn star’s coat tails); The Stern Show hasn’t seen or heard the last of me.

Steve York posts on XPT:

I actually did get a blumpy. We were in Pittsburgh and were back stage at a club she was performing at; I went to read a comic book and take a shit. In a drunkened phase she busted in and put my cock in her mouth in the middle of a bit of poopage while I sat atop the porcelain throne. It didn’t go to completion and only lasted a few seconds before I told her to get off me, but I can say I did receive a blumpy.

For a few months Mary had come down to San Diego to visit my band-mate friends where she was pretty stable; I was kind of surprised to see how normal she could be outside the porn would when she was around people her age who didn’t just simply view her as a porn whore but would joke around and party with. The second she got within 50 miles of the Valley she turned into an unstoppable, irresponsible force of nature. When I was babysitting her (as Luke called it), she was fine but the second I left her on her own for more than an hour, massive amounts of shit would hit the fan.

I originally offered to organize a string of debates and discussions for Free Speech Coalition on California college campuses with prominent adult stars and attorneys leading up the 2006 election (being one of the few people to guess it would be a nice big losing year for the Republicans and why shouldn’t the porn industry take their piece of credit?) but when that fat pig Michelle Freridge freaked out over the idea of spending money on it after a month and a half of planning (we discussed most of it in April 2006 during the lobbying event in Sacramento and then she ignored me until I asked her about it at Internext or whatever the show was in San Diego in June) and figuring out the logistics (the only cash needed would be a few hundred bucks in flyers and literature as I had a number of people confirmed to do it for free as well as reserving the spaces for free at different schools), I figured that FSC wasn’t worth a drop of my time.

What better way then to say fuck you to them than to organize this shit for Mary and get her a ton of publicity instead of for FSC.FSC and her always had a love/hate relationship given they would always invite her to publicity events and should would receive all the coverage and the organization would never get any. I thought it would be awesome to create a nice new public image of FSC outside the business as freedom fighters among the only people who seem to give a shit about porn rights right now outside of the industry: college kids. (and perhaps change the public perception that they’re fighting for kiddie porn). As a few of you can tell I like to be a little creative with my vengeful vendettas.

Most of these lessons proved to me that the porn business really is just lazy, unmotivated and really uncreative at the end of the day.

Or maybe all my plans were just too grandiose for a bunch of porners to comprehend.

It’s too bad that porn drives away some of our most creative minds.

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