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Mary Carey’s Shrink Says She’s ‘The Most Together’ For Prospective New Reality Show

The high concept is to send eight celebrities to rehab.

I chat with Mary Thursday afternoon.

She had a complete physical and psychological examination Wednesday, including the long MMPI test.

Mary’s moderated her drinking. She says she only had four drinks at Tuesday night ‘Captivity’ party.

She’s annoyed that her Morgan Creek publicist friend who got her into the party told her it started at 10 p.m. When she arrived at 10:15, the red carpet was over and there weren’t many photographers.

“I have a really good memory, especially for cameras and publicity.”

So her publicist friend looked around the party for a photographer and found me.

“Luke, I can’t tell you everything anymore because boys who like me look me up and think I’m crazy.”

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