Masturbate Like a Disney Princess!

If you search for Disney princesses on any website it seems that you’ll see them used in every scenario and drawn every way imaginable. This week the retail website ShopJeen.com, creator of the pizza knee highs, brings you a new campaign featuring some of your favorite Disney princesses and now you don’t need to question what vibrator gets the royal seal of approval.  From ShopJeen’s recent Instagram campaign, that vibrator of choice is clearly the Love Discovery Mini Vibe from Oh Mi Bod!

I bet you always wondered what Belle, Ariel and Jasmine did when their princes weren’t around. Now it seems we know! According to ShopJeen, they favor this pink rechargeable mini vibe when they’re alone in the castle or strolling in those rumored underground tunnels of Disneyland!

The vibrator is a handy size, body safe and comes with multiple speeds so every princess can find what she likes. I’m sure the cute face at the tip and overall look of the vibe influenced their choice for unofficial spokespersons. Of course in no way is this ShopJeen Instagram campaign sponsored or even supported by Disney. It subtly suggests the vibrator from Oh Mi Bod may be the choice for Jasmine and Ariel on their lady parts! Walt’s team caught up with this tricky selling tactic and it was later taken down from their Instagram but alas this is the internet so nothing ever truly goes away.

ShopJeen Disney Campaign - Vibrator

ShopJeen goes as far to say, “Yas gurl all princesses do it”.  They certainly do ShopJeen, they certainly do.

So, if you can’t afford Disney land but you want to feel like you’re in heaven purchase the unofficial princess sex toy that also promises that if used you will find true love. It’s available for $68 at the ShopJeen website  because making it $69 would just be too cliché.

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