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Matrix & Motley Models Team Up To Steal 20K From Teenager

Surprised?  Probably not.  The buyout scam is nothing new, it’s just another way for agencies to fuck a girl.  For the last 10 years or so, it’s always been my understanding that buyout ranges were in the $1000-$3500 dollar range.  So I just sort of ignored it, but then I started hearing about Motley fucking girls over in buyouts because they needed to be “punished” for leaving Motley.  Which of course I couldn’t ignore..

Add that to the other fucked up shit Motley does, and here we are..

So Matrix, signs a fresh of the bus girl, gets a her a few shoots, and like everyone else on Matrix, she is put on the shelf. The Matrix business MO is sign em, lock them in with a big buyout, book them a few scenes, wait for them to grow tired of Matrix’s ineptness, and charge them when they want to leave. And not $3500, no, we are talking about, in some cases, Matrix asking for 100k.

The Motley Effect

Whether be design, or on purpose, Motley began pursuing one particular girl telling her that could make her a lot of money if she signed with them..This girl asks Matrix for a buyout # and low and behold, it’s 100K. So the girl is stuck with Matrix, or pay the 100k..Since matrix isn’t putting in the effort, the girl certainly can’t afford the 100k..

But fortunately for this teenager, Motley, with the right direction, thinks she can be a star, so they say hey, let us go with you and fix this, cuz you’re awesome and we want to be in business with you.

So Matrix, Motley and this teenager all sit down, and with Dave Rocks toughness and business acumen, that 100K was whittled down to like measly little 20K, Dave this will certainly win you Agency of the year at the “popular and legitimate” Urban X Awards.  This girls agrees, and she leaves Matrix, and is now destined to be FPOY

I know what some of you are wondering, Yes, I’m fucking good looking. And on top of that, some of you may think that in the past Motley may have blown a girls head up, negotiated a buyout fore them, and took a cut..but not this time..Motley, like James Bartholet, is Somebody, and from what I hear, also animal lovers…

I mean sure, Motley has been known to rip girls off by way of buyouts in the past, but those damn girls needed to be punished for daring to leave a work environment they weren’t comfortable with…This situation is completely different. There is absolutely no way Motley and Matrix cut a deal behind the teenagers back, then put on a show for her at the big sit down.

Dave Rock, Time Magazine Man of the Year

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