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Max: Always the Popular Fellow

An e-mail I received this morning from former porn girl Neesa:

just want to let u know that I have contacted several web companies that were selling a particular video,”Max Hardcore Schoolgirl #3″.Featuring me,Neesa..Max raped me on the set of that porn(Shocking coming from him).I have a police report to prove it.This happened in July 03,but I am tired of not exposing him.

I have asked other web companies to  please(See,Im being nice the first time)remove the selling of my rape on video. I will post on the internet the names of the companies that remove it.I will also post the companies that did not.He is famous for raping lots of girls.If u google max hardcore and FBI,u can see he is a troubled person.I have a nice fan base so they r very dedicated,and porn video buyers.SO far,CD Universe is going to remove it.The companies that remove it will get free advertisement by me ?
I hope u can understand my pain.I had it removed from an adult movie theater as well.I am trying to be nice here.What if this happened to someone u loved?

Naturally, I do think Max probably did some unsavory things on set. And I do think she may have filed a police report. But if she did, it was obviously flimsy enough to be disregarded by the cops. Don’t you think a DA would love to file sexual assault charges against a notorious porn director?

Moxie writes on XPT: “The funny thing is she has a link to buy the VOD of said scene on her site.”

Conky posts: “IAFD list her as only having made 4 flicks. Three of them in 02-03 and then one this year: Tag Team Tryouts for Red Light. Why the four year absence? That’s like 48 rent payments made without resorting to porn!”

Christian says: “She did a scene for Naughty america and was really really obnoxious. I think she got thrown off set for being crazy.”

Jhonnie says: “If you smile while he piss down your throat, your rape claims seem remote.”

Conky says: “Those Max trailers are just as disturbing as ever. I keep waiting for him to just kill one of the girls at the end. It just seems like it would be the logical conclusion to his life’s work.”

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