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Max Hardcore Indicted on Obscenity Charges

Steve Javors writes for

ALTADENA, Calif. — Paul F. Little, aka Max Hardcore, has been indicted on federal obscenity charges. The Justice Department charged Little with numerous counts of obscenity.

The charges originate out of Florida, but Hardcore turned himself into authorities in California, NBC 4 in New York reported. The case is based in Florida because Little’s production company, Max World Entertainment, mailed DVDs there.

Here’s some background on Max Hardcore.

The Smoking Gun broke this story:

MAY 31–If federal prosecutors get their way, Uncle Sam will one day own the web site That’s because Paul Little–described as a “Hollywood director and producer” in a Department of Justice press release–has been indicted on federal obscenity counts. The 50-year-old Little, who uses the handle “Max Hardcore,” was named in a ten-count indictment charging him with transporting obscene matter via mail and computer. A copy of the indictment, which was filed in Tampa, Florida and unsealed yesterday, can be found below. As described in the DOJ release, Little (pictured right) is a “nationally-known director, producer, and star of films featuring acts such as anal penetration, urination, insertion of an entire hand into a vagina or anus, vomiting, and severe violence” towards female performers. The government seeks forfeiture of Little’s web sites,,, and, and several films referred to in the indictment. (7 pages)

AVN reports: “Hardcore will be releasing a statement through his attorney Jeffrey Douglas later this afternoon.”

Here’s Max’s Altadena home that the feds want to confiscate.

Bill Margold told me March 7, 2006: “Max Hardcore is his own worst enemy. He wants to be eliminated under duress. He’s a true tragedy waiting to happen.”

“Most of the time I had a good relationship with Max until he suddenly realized I was trying to clean the industry up from within and he doesn’t want to be part of the trash thrown out. We’ve got to censor ourselves from within. It’s commonsense censorship. We’ve got to get rid of stuff that offends society. Eventually society will retaliate against us.”

In 1999, I interviewed Allison Kilgore.

Luke: “You say in the Kramski tape that Max Hardcore wanted to urinate in your mouth.”

Allison: “I did want to leave the industry… I was tired of the BS. You show up to a set assuming you’re doing something, and the next thing you know, they want you to do ten million other things. Max Hardcore wanted to pee in my mouth. And I wouldn’t let him. So he got a big plastic bag full of water and put yellow food coloring in it, and had a little tube that run right under his penis to make it look like he was peeing on me… Then he fakes his cum scenes. He cums, but because he does not cum that much, he uses White Rain to make fake cum.”

I’ve run into Max many times over the years. Without provocation, he’ll often step into me and hurl a long stream of vile and violent threats.

A screening of Deep Throat Feb. 24, 2005 was no exception:

Shortly after 10PM, the crowd files into the theater. Bill Margold makes an appeal for Fred Salaff. Bill says we’ve only raised $600 to get him out of Panama.

Bill says Deep Throat was a real movie unlike most of what is made today.

Max Hardcore aka Paul Little, who oscillates between charming and bullying all night, starts yelling at Margold that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Bill is unfazed by the abuse. He mentions Max’s drinking problem. “Next we’ll be raising money to get you out of jail.”

Max: “I’ll get myself out of jail. F— you, Bill.”

Bill: “You could if you had a dick big enough.”

Bill walks up the aisle to his seat. “What a happy bunch of children.”

Earlier in the evening, Bill said, “So many people destroy themselves. I can’t keep them all alive.”

The biggest applause of the night comes during a scene where Dolly Sharp is receiving anal in the doggie position and another guy is eating her out. When the butt banger falls out, it appears for a second that the guy on the bottom has a dick in his face.

The movie has numerous funny moments and crowd whoops and hollers. One guy yells out at Linda doing deepthroat, “She loves it!”

At the conclusion of the 61-minute movie, a Ray Pistol-produced documentary begins but most of the crowd files out to the free champagne and refreshments in the lobby.

Layla Rivera asks me to take a shot of her with Max’s girlfriend Catalina.

Layla Rivera , Catalina, Max Hardcore

Max yells at me that not only am I not allowed to write about him or photograph him, I’m not allowed to photograph anyone he is with.

Max says he will f— me up if I write about him. One word. One picture. I’m finished.

Max gets right up in my face and chews me up.

It reminds me of the first time I met Max. It was at the FOXE Awards at the Mayan Theater on Hollywood Blvd in February 1997. After I tried to interview his girlfriend of the time Barbie (?), Max stalked up and cursed me out at length. Then he stalked to the bar and cursed out the help when they didn’t have his favorite kind of beer.

Thursday night, after Max tires of me, he buddies up with AVN’s Mark Kernes.

Catalina comes over and says that she tried to talk to Max to be reasonable with me. It was all good publicity but nothing she could say would make any difference in Max’s attitude.

Max has hated me since 1998…

From my May 18, 2003 archive:

Luke: “What’s your worst experience in the industry?”

Lainey Baron: “Max Hardcore. He lied to me to get me there. He called me up and said, ‘Come do a 30-minute screen test. I’ll pay you $300.’ So I went up there to do a 30-minute screen test. It ended up being a four-hour straight anal and I still got $300.”

Joey: “It was April 2001. It was my first shoot ever to be on.”

Lainey: “I’d only worked with Ed Powers. That’s when I found out Max wasn’t a good guy. I didn’t know. I hadn’t even watched porn.”

Joey: “We didn’t know what Max Hardcore was like. We were told by another model, ‘Max is cool.’

“I felt so sorry for her.”

Lainey: “I smiled through the whole thing.”

Joey: “There was a towel right there. I felt like throwing in the towel. She can’t do this no more. I didn’t want to create a scene of a boyfriend who does that. So I just bite my teeth.

Moxie writes on XPT:

I’ve wondered a few times before how Gonzo fares under obscenity standard as opposed to features.

The first test under the obscenity standard is that an adult movie is not obscene unless it appeals solely to a “prurient interest”. In other words, does it have any other purpose besides masterbation. Features passed the test, becuase they had story lines. If you pass the first test then you go on to the “community obscenity test”.

Fast forward to today’s Gonzo product. What’s missing? Story lines. What’s left, nothing but sexual titillation.

Does much of modern Gonzo fail the first prong of the obscenity test–as there is no reason to watch most Gonzo films other than to jerk off.

The funny thing is that Extreme and a few other companies worked some political or anti-religious message into their films. For example, “Forced Entry” can be viewed as a commentary on Richard Ramirez. So the government would still need to prove Extreme violated community standards.

There is alot of porn out there with no story and wall to wall sex. Quick, what’s any Jules Jordan film about? “Max Hardcore”? I could go on, but you get the point.

Raw Alex posts on GFY: “When it comes to the DVDs delivered though, honestly, he looks fucked. There is very little way to dance around the fact that the videos are in the hands of the feds, having been delivered to Tampa Bay. Goes back to the famous Zip code lists, I think TB was on there a long long time ago. Sending pissing and full hand fisting videos into that area is risky, and unless major case law is made, are fairly likely to be found obscene in nature.”

MatrixRashaan posts: “FYI- NEVER send a PORN DVD by US MAIL unless you want to go to jail, especially to Florida. About once a month I get a hand written letter requesting that I mail some DVD’s to a PO BOX somewhere in Florida or Pennsylvania. Cash is usually included to supposedly pay for the “DVD and shipping”. This is a set-up! These right wing weirdos get your address from 2257 and ask you to send them stuff via US MAIL (federal crime) to districts that deem the material obscene in hopes that you are dumb enough to hang your self….”

SomeCreep posts on GFY: “Maxworld Entertainment was one of the few companies that chose to fight the government on obscenity accusations, rather than shut down his sites like Meatcash did with and Dukedollars with”

Who else in the American industry produces and distributes the same type of material that Max does?

I can’t think of anyone.

Mike South posts on GFY:


1. He has never been indicted by the feds…until now

2. He was indicted by L.A County and no he didn’t beat them, he settled with a guilty plea.

On the one hand he brings unwanted attention to the industry, most people in the biz do not want to be associated with his version of porn and inevitably thats exactly what happens.

On the other hand if he can beat this charge what chance do the feds have of taking down digital playground or even anabolic….

Al Cervix posted May 7, 2007: An e-mail I received this morning from former porn girl Neesa:

just want to let u know that I have contacted several web companies that were selling a particular video,”Max Hardcore Schoolgirl #3″.Featuring me,Neesa..Max raped me on the set of that porn(Shocking coming from him).I have a police report to prove it.This happened in July 03,but I am tired of not exposing him.

I have asked other web companies to  please(See,Im being nice the first time)remove the selling of my rape on video. I will post on the internet the names of the companies that remove it.I will also post the companies that did not.He is famous for raping lots of girls.If u google max hardcore and FBI,u can see he is a troubled person.I have a nice fan base so they r very dedicated,and porn video buyers.SO far,CD Universe is going to remove it.The companies that remove it will get free advertisement by me ?
I hope u can understand my pain.I had it removed from an adult movie theater as well.I am trying to be nice here.What if this happened to someone u loved?

Al says: “Naturally, I do think Max probably did some unsavory things on set. And I do think she may have filed a police report. But if she did, it was obviously flimsy enough to be disregarded by the cops. Don’t you think a DA would love to file sexual assault charges against a notorious porn director?”

Moxie writes on XPT: “The funny thing is she has a link to buy the VOD of said scene on her site.”

Conky posts: “IAFD list her as only having made 4 flicks. Three of them in 02-03 and then one this year: Tag Team Tryouts for Red Light. Why the four year absence? That’s like 48 rent payments made without resorting to porn!”

Christian says: “She did a scene for Naughty america and was really really obnoxious. I think she got thrown off set for being crazy.”

Jhonnie says: “If you smile while he piss down your throat, your rape claims seem remote.”

Conky says: “Those Max trailers are just as disturbing as ever. I keep waiting for him to just kill one of the girls at the end. It just seems like it would be the logical conclusion to his life’s work.”

From The

Max Hardcore Raided by Feds in Obscenity Probe

By FSC Staff

Posted: October 5, 2005

Los Angeles, Ca. – Federal law enforcement officers acting on behalf of The Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section (CEOS) of the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) conducted a raid today on Max Hardcore’s studio, Max World Entertainment, in an obscenity probe targeting five specific adult-oriented titles, all of which were seized.

The titles are:

Pure Max 16 (Euro Version)

Max hardcore Fists of Fury 3

Max Hardcore Extreme Schoolgirls 6 (Euro Version)

Max Hardcore Golden Guzzlers 5

Max Hardcore Golden Guzzlers 6

A search warrant was also served at an ISP in Florida, where agents seized the servers and backup servers for Max Hardcore’s website, According to Hardcore’s attorney and FSC Board Chair Jeffrey Douglas, the website should be up and running once the servers are returned, which should be shortly.

Jeffrey Douglas has released the following statement by Max Hardcore, who is currently out of the country.

“Once again, the government is wasting tax dollars and otherwise invaluable law enforcement resources to try to force a minority view of morality on all of America. Five of my movies have been targeted by the Federal Prude Patrol. There is no indication of any crime to be alleged except obscenity. If indicted, I will fight to protect my liberty, as well as the liberty of consenting adults to watch other adults engage in lawful, consensual, pleasurable sexual action. Shame on the Bush Department of Justice. I am proud of the movies I make and proud of those who buy and sell those movies.”

According to Douglas, it could take six months to a year or longer for a federal indictment to be filed, if in fact the Department of Justice decides to prosecute a case. Also seized were performers ID documents, but according to Douglas, even though Max Hardcore is a member of the Free Speech Coalition, the current stipulated agreement that prevents the DoJ from enforcing 2257 federal record-keeping and labeling laws against FSC members until a federal judge rules on a pending motion for a preliminary injunction is not applicable when IDs are seized in the course of an obscenity investigation. However, the IDs that were seized today were limited to those performers who appeared in the seized tapes.

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