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Max Hardcore, Jim Powers, Mike Sullivan On Howard Stern Show

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Howard moved on to this next segment where he was going to have in some porn guys to judge a woman who wants to get into porn. He had Max Hardcore, Mike Sullivan and Jim Powers there to be the judges. He said hello to them and said that they all direct and make pornos. Robin knew the Max Hardcore name a lot lately.

Howard said that this woman Dixie Lee was going to come in and audition for the guys. He asked Max about the kind of stuff that he’s done. He’s done over 1500 scenes in the past 15 years. He does some pretty extreme stuff so Howard asked what that is. Max said he’s done some fist fucking and stuff like that. He said he made some good money doing that but not Howard-type money. Howard read that he’s facing some federal charges over what he’s done in his movies. Max told Howard about some of the films that they say went over the line.

Max talked about how the government is trying to take his home and take down his web site too. He said he’s worked had on this stuff and that’s what’s happening to him. Artie wondered what could be that offensive that they’d take legal action on a guy like that. Howard said if they’re consenting adults, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Howard read that Max does scenes where he pees in women’s mouths and he does that in just about every film. Howard made him spit his gum out because he sounded like a cow in there. Max went on talking about how they’ve already found him guilty basically, because he had to ask permission to come on the show. Howard said that Sal likes this Max Hardcore guy and he’s his favorite.

Howard moved on to Mike Sullivan who has worked in a lot of porn films himself. He said he has a bunch of web sites like and a couple of others. Howard spent a minute with him and then moved on to Jim Powers who has been in a bunch of movies as well. He went through some of the stuff that he’s done in his porn career. Howard played some clips from his movies too. He had one clip where they were face fuckin’ a woman and Jim was berating the woman through the scene. There’s one clip where a woman complains about getting cut inside while having something done to her. Howard played a clip from Gag Factor 13 and a woman quits the shoot because of what they had her doing.

Howard talked to the guys about how they find these chicks and went through how they come up with these crazy things they do with the chicks. Howard took some calls too. One guy said that he thought that in one movie, the girl looked like she was crying during a scene like she didn’t want to do it. The guys said that they don’t force these girls to do this stuff. They talked about some of the stuff that women have gotten used to these days and the girls aren’t gagging as much as they used to do years ago. They must be starting out giving oral really early on in school.

Howard moved on to bring this woman Dixie Lee in to get evaluated. He said that she asked to come in and said that she’s willing to do just about anything to get into porn. She had called in and talked to Howard about all of that.

Dixie came in and told Howard that she used to look at her Dad’s porn collection. She said that she’s be willing to be gang raped in a movie, that’s a fantasy of hers. She said that three guys would be good for her. She said that she doesn’t think she could take all three at once though. She said she can’t take being peed on either. She won’t drink urine but she is willing to have sex with a horse. She said that she’s had a dog lick her down there before. The guys told her that’s illegal but fun to watch. She said that she had her dog lick off some peanut butter from her down there. She said that it wasn’t about having her dog do that, it was more about feeling what it might be like if a guy did it. That happened when she was 12 years old.

Dixie said she might pleasure a horse with her mouth or maybe her hand. She didn’t sound all that into it though. She said that she won’t do a black guy. When she said that Artie started to laugh his ass off. She’ll let a dog lick peanut butter off her pussy but won’t have sex with a black guy.

Howard said that the guys needed to see Dixie naked so he asked her to do it. She said that she won’t get completely naked but she would take her top off. The guys said that if she won’t get naked completely, she should just leave. She said she’d do it for a movie, but not in there.

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