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Max Hardcore Puts Out DVDs

Max Hardcore Releases First New DVDs   In Three Years
 Only Major Adult Producer To Be Imprisoned for Obscenity Since Larry Flynt
 August 24, 2012 — Pasadena, CA — Max Hardcore is back in the saddle again with the release of his new movie, UNIVERSAL MAX 13 & 14.  Max has done hard-time for making his brand of movies, which has made him one of the most famous porn stars in history.
As an dynamic industry innovator, Max was targeted in the 2006 government crackdown on the adult industry, along with Jeff Mike from JM Productions, and John Stagliano from Evil Angel.
Says Max: “It’s great to be back.  I’m amazed that they put me in prison for making dirty movies.  I was taught that we live in the land of the free. So I’m really disappointed that a jury would decide that my movies shouldn’t be seen by other Americans.”
Max is a lifelong advocate for free speech, and knows it should never be taken for granted. But he’s learned a valuable lesson from this experience, and doesn’t want to go back — or put anyone at risk for selling his movies.
“So until the government gets out of the business of dictating morality, I won’t put anything into my movies they don’t want you to view. This means no fisting, watersports, or abusive action.”
But these two new DVDs still deliver the goods, with the never-before-seen footage fans have come to expect, and Max films in such a powerful manner.
Distributors can get UNIVERSAL MAX 13 & 14 – and over a hundred other of Max’s fine movies – by contacting Big Paul Munoz at 626 791-5800 and downloading the Max Hardcore Movie Order Form
Max’s movies are also available at with Drew at PREMIER SALES, 888 550-8621
Consumers can get UNIVERSAL MAX 14, and Max’s other fine DVDs at Max’s main movie site:

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