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Max Hardcore Writes from Prison

Max Hardcore writes to Ray at

Hello Ray!

Sorry for the delay, my man, but when I checked into this joint, they wouldn’t let me bring in my planner, with all my numbers. So I hope that when these few words reach you, that they will find you in your usual good spirits, out and about with a fine-looking fox. I’m sorry to say that things could be better for me at the moment, as the daily drag of the Metropolitan Detention Center in downtown Los Angeles tends to take the fun and excitement part of life out of the equation. But I’m keeping my spirits up, because I know that I am NOT a criminal. I am a VICTIM of an ongoing criminal act. And through my suffering, others may be saved from the same sad fate.

Despite my conviction in Tampa, which is the real obscenity, not a single person had complained about my movies or websites beforehand. My trial was a sham to showcase the Bush Administration’s shameless strategy to suppress the adult entertainment industry, based upon the immoral principles promoted by Evangelical Christians, when they’re not actively eluding detection for their own illegal activities.

So I’m stoked to be going to present my case for appeal before the 11th Circuit Court with the help of my attorney, the 1st Amendment champion H. Louis Sirkin, in late October. We have some powerfully potent arguments for complete vindication of the baseless convictions, and are even attacking the very obscenity law itself, and hope to send it to the trash-heap of legal history once and for all where it belongs!

In the mean time, I’m making the most of what little I have up here, and my time away from family, friends, and career to improve myself and expand my already impressive encyclopedic knowledge. To that end, I’ve been not only reading but writing as well, and have been working out quite often, so I look and feel better than I have in years. I’m also taking this opportunity to kick the nasty habits of smoking and drinking, both of which are available here, which was something I was unable to do on the outside. Most importantly, I like to drive my Corvette real fucking fast, and you can’t do that nowadays after you’ve been drinking.

I’m currently incarcerated at the Metropolitan Detention Center, which is more like a jail than a federal prison. It’s primarily a temporary holding facility for pre-trial and pre-sentence inmates of the nearby federal courtrooms. But even in the shittiest of shitholes, they still need worker bees to keep the place running. That’s where my section comes in . We’re the designated care workers, and if you think that slavery is dead in America, think again. We start at 12 cents and hour for back-breaking work, and we’re rousted out of bed to do it at 5AM. Not that I mind getting up early, but to weld shut windows so other even less-fortunate inmates can’t look at the outside work is work beneath contempt.

I hope to be transferred down to Terminal Island, next to Long Beach, which is a way better facility than this one. They have a huge outside yard to walk around and exercise on, as well as a gym, library, and even a music room. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

That’s all for now my friend. I hope that you and yours are weathering the economic collapse of corporate America as best you can, and keeping a positive attitude about it, even though you’re not likely to see any benefit whatsoever from the billions being doled-out to the billionaires. At least you’ve got much better access to all the bitchin’ babes in the porn industry. Take it sleazy, Ray!

Your ‘inside’ man,

Max Hardcore,
AKA Paul F. Little

PS: Don’t forget to tell your readers about my new websites: and

They both kick ass and fuck ass!  Later.

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