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Max Hardcore

Ricardo writes:

Luke, in Foro Canal X, a spanish language porn forum, I placed a post on Max problems, predictably Rebeca Linares replied my post, giving Max her “best wishes” in a Taylor Rain/Scott Fayner way. The interesting part is that she posted about the prosecution contacting actresses who had work with Max in the past. Now that is interesting. You should try El Glorioso or someone who speak spanish to read the posts. That would be a scoop.

Also you should try to search feminist forums to see what people are saying about Max Hardcore. In forum or blog I forgot to booknote, the women were attacking porn and a porn actress who also has a prostitute licence in Nevada was defending smartly her career choice as a whore. But when the subjet of Max came, even she could not defend him, saying that he was a liar, a sadist, a rapist and a bad paymaster. Max was well targeted by the feds, getting former porn actress to talk about him would be easy. Payback time.

Ah, about all the talk on XPT about Hillary Clinton, see her close friends posture on porn. Not good. Look on her Myspace.

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