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Max Hardcore’s guilty verdict is Obscene!

OBSCENE “I’ll know it when I see it” I JUST SAW IT!!!!! MAX HARDCORE sentenced to prison for online distribution
by Bob from

A producer of pornographic video known as Max Hardcore has been sentenced to 46 months in prison after a conviction on multiple obscenity offenses, including charges he transported obscene material over the Internet.
Paul F. Little, 50, was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida, the U.S. Department of Justice announced. In addition to the prison term, Judge Susan Bucklew ordered Little to pay a $7,500 fine and to forfeit all profits from the distribution of the films he was convicted of distributing. In addition, Little must give up the films and the domain names he used to distribute them, the DOJ said.

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Bucklew also fined Little’s adult entertainment company, MaxWorld Entertainment, $75,000. The front page of Little’s Web site,, had this message Monday: “This website has been forfeited to the Unites States Government pursuant to the conviction of Paul F. Little.”

Little was convicted in June on five counts of transporting obscene matter by use of an interactive computer service and five counts of mailing obscene matter. He was indicted in Florida in May 2007, after his company mailed adult films to an address in Tampa, Florida.
Little, of Altadena, Calif., was director, producer and star in a series of adult-oriented DVDs and video clips. In his films, Little engages in “violent and extreme sexual acts” with female performers, the DOJ said in a news release.
Little was charged as part of a crackdown on obscenity led by the DOJ in mid-2007

I think the fact that we were lied into a war where we pissed away over a TRILLION dollars lost thousands of our own brave soldiers needlessly ands caused a million innocent people’s deaths is OBSCENE.
I think the fact that our government would call for a trial of Bill Clinton for “Lying about a blow job” but not impeach Bush and Chenny for “Lying about a war” is OBSCENE.
I think the 2000 and 2004 Elections are OBSCENE
I think that all the “players” in the current economic crisis will never see one day of jail is OBSCENE.
I say hard working Americans losing their homes as greedy Wall Street Fat Cats get “bailed out” is OBSCENE.
I think that a world that said “Never Again” has turned it’s head and allows genocide to continue is OBSCENE
I think the fact that in America, “The Greatest Country In The World” most people can’t even afford health care and are forced to choose between losing everything or dying is OBSCENE.
I think the fact that the American People have been SOLD OUT and BACK STABBED by the people they put in office time and time again is OBSCENE.
I think “Nation Building” other nations while we watch ours decline is OBSCENE.
I think CEO’s of failing companies getting paid 450 times the average yearly salary of one of their employees is OBSCENE.
I think all those  that have worked hard all their lives to have a retirement and have it stolen from them by Corporate Criminals is OBSCENE.
I think a Pandering, ratings based, dollar hungry media that fails us by not going after the truth is OBSCENE.
I think children going to school in trailers while Principals and School Board Members are grossly over paid and work in relative luxury is OBSCENE.
And On and On And On and ON!!! If you would like to add to this list PLEASE DO!!!
My point is that there’s a LOOOOONG list of Obscenity out there, and what do they spend precious resources to go after?
It’s that kind of judgment that has this country in the predicament it is in right now.

I think it’s obscene that were something like 35th in broadband penetration.
I think it’s obscene that if I bounce  a check I get a fine but if my bank fails I get a letter. . .
I think it’s obscene that now the blame for the mortgage failure is being blamed on blacks and poor people. .
I think it’s obscene that we have two presidential debates where neither candidate answers any actual questions, nobody follows up with any questions, all the talking heads spew off about “who won” and nobody learns anything. . ..
I think it’s obscene that thousands are being purged from the voting roles because their houses have been foreclosed on and nobody seems to give a shit.
I think it’s obscene that the pope can puke up a statement about “godless culture destroying faith” and never once looking at themselves and thinking that they might be part of the problem.  And on that subject where are they to speak up for the poor and the oppressed?
I think it’s obscene that we don’t know how many Iraqis we’ve killed.
I think it’s obscene we export tech jobs to India but import teachers from there
I think it’s obscene that more people vote in American Idol than do for president


What do you think is obscene?

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