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Max is Back! Max Hardcore Exclusive Interview.



1. Are you back to shooting movies? What is your latest and where can we find it?
Firstly let me say that I consider myself fortunate that people areinterested in what I have to say, and what I am doing with my career.My new website is I can also be contacted at: As you can imagine, my legal ordeal has been an incredible burden uponme, my team, and my friends and family. My finances are decimated, and my business all but collapsed when I was being immorally detained in prison for over two years.  So the first thing I had to do when I got back to work in July of last year was to repair, rebuild and modify mypersonal and business affairs. And I must say that I’m so happy to beback and embraced once again by the adult industry. I consider myselfa very fortunate person to have so many good friends and associates inthis great business and beyond. After I returned, I decided to take a fresh look at things from bottomto top, and rebuild my business from the ground up.  Hopefully, I willthen remain relevant and competitive in today’s market.  To this end Iam focusing most of my efforts to online release of my movies, with asecondary emphasis on DVD releases as long as the demand justifies the production costs. After the business basics were in place, I have started to puttogether new movies using both brand new and unreleased scenes shotbefore I surrendered my freedom in January of 2009.  These new titles will initially be released online only through my studio site at AEBN and other premium VOD services.  My first new release is Universal Max 14.  This title is scheduled to go live at by March 1st.  

2. Have you “toned down” the type of hardcore, young girl porn thatyou were doing before you went away? Well for sure I’m not going to be releasing any of my European versionvideos anywhere for a long time to come.  That’s the type of materialthat the government considers so objectionable that the public must be prevented from even viewing it in the privacy of their own homes.Fortunately, most of Europe still refuses to bow down to the darkforces of censorship and continues to allow adults to make up theirown minds on the type of sexually explicit material they wish to view. So to be clear, all my new movies will be safe U.S. versions, compliant with the accepted standards for material distributed in the U.S. marketplace.  I won’t even be putting out my Euro versions anywhere for a while to come.  

3. You’ve made a few appearances at the awards and conventions withLayla Rivera. Are you two still a couple? What did you do theseparation? Layla Rivera is my team mate and partner with whom I’ve had thepleasure of collaborating since 2004.  We’re good friends who havetraveled the world filming and having fun from Rio de Janeiro toRotterdam and beyond. We don’t go to a party – we bring the party! The lovely Layla Rivera remains available to work for any and allcompanies and individuals, and is represented by me and  Layla can also be contacted at:  

4. Do you feel you were treated fairly or unfairly by the adultindustry during your trial/conviction/incarceration? & Why? I received nearly universal moral support from almost everyone in theadult industry. This is been greatly appreciated, and helped keep myspirits up while I was being held in the grim confines of the federalcorrectional facility at La Tuna, New Mexico.  But the few who puttheir money where their mouth was, and continued to support my movies- and by extension free speech – are especially appreciated.  

5. Did the other inmates know who you were and why you were there?Were you popular with the other inmates & guards?  Did your celebritystatus help or hinder your stay? When you’re in the general population as I was, everyone knowseveryone’s business in prison. It made for some interestingconversations, because of course people are always interested in whatreally goes on in the porn business.  But beyond that, everyone thereis just another inmate, and as such, how you’re treated is whollydependent upon how you much respect you give the other inmates and the correctional officers.  

10. How are you a different person now, then you were before theobscenity prosecution? I’m basically the same person I was before I went in. But I have evenmore patience and understanding now.  I still believe that in workinghard and treating people right is the best way to live one’s life.But I must confess that I am even more disappointed and in some waysdisgusted in our government that I was before I went in.  

7. Do you have any regrets concerning the movies you made, or the wayyour court case was handled and your resulting prison sentence? I have no regrets at all about the movies I’ve made and I still feelstrongly that our government should not take it upon itself to imposecensorship over the content of what adults choose to watch, read orconsider.  I felt then and I feel now that I had to fight the chargesin defense of free speech.  I also feel that my lawyers all did anincredible job, but the odds were stacked against us.  JeffreyDouglas, Lou Sirkin, Jennifer Kinsley, along with Benjamin andAaronson of Ft. Lauderdale. That said, I do wish to apologize to anyone I’ve inadvertently harmedin the course of my career.  It was certainly never my intention to doso.  Yet I have been known to push people a little too hard in orderto make the best movies I knew how to do.  

8. Are there any probation restrictions on what you can & can’t do,where you can be, and who you can be around? Just a few minor restrictions thankfully. I have to put in monthlystatus reports, take random drug testing, and have to notify if I’mtraveling long distance.  Fortunately, I’m not restricted in workingin the adult business.  

9.  What scene have you always wanted to shoot, but haven’t ? (yet) I’d like to shoot a scene on the International Space Station inweightless conditions.  But I don’t know if that’s gonna be approvedanytime soon.  But it would make for a exciting experiment!  

10. What are your plans for the next five years? Do you see yourselfretiring from the adult biz? Or is this a lifetime career? I love the adult industry, but am open to all opportunities as theycome along.  I work hard at everything I do, and pursue things whichare challenging, interesting, make me happy, and are profitable. Sowho knows where it will lead.  

11, What are your websites? and what can we find there? My main commercial web portal is  It’s nothing fancy but it’s very functional. There you can find my entire catalog of over 200 movies, both online and on VOD.

12. Do you talk on Twitter? Can your fans contact you that way? Whatis your nick? My favorite social spot is my facebook page at I’m very active there and find it’s a fantastic way to stay in touch with my fans and friends. Anyone interested can hit me up there.

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