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Max leaves a note behind

Max Hardcore says by way of
January 28, 2009 at 11:44 AM
I just wanted to say thanks to those who have contributed to my defense, and those who have supported me in other ways, not the least of which is my good friend Layla Rivera.

This attack on free speech is something that could happen to anyone in our buisiness, no matter how ‘mainstream’ they are. The federal indictment of John Stagliano is proof of that. And while there are those in our buisiness who say that I went too far, the fact that I did push the limits of acceptability actually provided some protection to those who didn’t, by deflecting attention away from them. Because the Bush administration was going to get someone, there’s no doubt about that.

So now it’s time to go. But when I come back, I’ll have gained something from the experience no one can teach you: The satisfaction of knowing that I stood up and put my ass on the line for perhaps the most important posessions of all Americans – the freedom of speech. The right- to say what you believe in, whether it’s popular or not. That’s what my country stands for.

Max Hardcore

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