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Maxim Hot 100: Are they really the hottest?

Last week, Maxim post their top 100 hottest women of 2013.  Congrats to all that made this years list, it’s a great honor.

I agree with most of the list, though there’s are a few candidates I don’t fully understand and a few ladies I think should be on the list.  But first, here’s a quick overview of the beauties.

Now to pick apart these ladies, first off I had no idea who Lynsi Torres (# 93) was until I looked her up. Yes businesswomen are sexy -especially one with a billion dollars, and I do enjoy her company’s burgers but I don’t think she should be on this list.

Next is Hoda Kotb (# 79), the co-host of the Today Show with Kathie Lee.  I’m sure Hoda has a beautiful personality, is very pretty and is a God for putting up with Kathie Lee but does she really rank above Zooey Deschanel and Kat Dennings in hotness. I personally don’t think so.

Hot mess Ke$ha is #78. Though she is hot, I think claiming to have sex with a ghost is fucking weird.

The #69 spot will always be held by Stephen Colbert but this year went to Lennay Kekua. That’s right, Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend made the list. I guess that’s what you get for making up a girlfriend and telling the world she died of leukemia.

 These beautiful ladies are all great in they own ways. I don’t really follow models but their jobs are to look hot, so congrats to all of you.

Brittney Palmer (#67) is one of the hottest UFC ring girls and is also a burlesque dancer. I’m glad she made it on this list.

Once again, I had no idea who Kamala Harris (#54) was, so I googled her. She is the current Attorney General of California. Harris is also the first female African-American and Asian-American attorney general in California.

Some of my favorite ladies are in this group:  Emilia Clarke (#65), Emmy Rossum (#56),  Naya Rivera (#45), Leighton Meester (#36), Kaley Cuoco (#32), Olivia Munn (#28) and Emma Stone (#21). Personally all these women should be higher up but I’m still glad they made the list.

Holy Disney kids, Batman! Yes, former Disney star Vanessa Hudgens (#9), Ashley Tisdale (#7), Selena Gomez (#2) and Miley Cyrus (#1) are in Maxim top 10 hottest celebs.  They’re all pretty but it weirds me out that they were just kids not too long ago.

Shout outs to my ladies: Emma Watson (#19), Arianny Celeste (#18), Scarlett Johansson (#15),  Katy Perry (#11), Jennifer Lawrence (#5) and Mila Kunis (#3).  You should have been the top 5.

Congratulations to Miley Cyrus for getting the number one spot. I don’t see the appeal but clearly most of America does.

And now for the sexy women that didn’t make Top 100.

Kate Middleton

Kate’s a naturally beauty, the Duchess of Cambridge and she recovered gracefully from those leaked nude photos.  If you haven’t seen Kate’s nude photos yet click here!

Cobie Smulders

Canadian hottie, Cobie Smulders can be anything you want. This once model now plays Robin Scherbatsky on the hit T.V. show How I Met Your Mother. Cobie also played Maria Hill in The Avengers.

Alison Brie

For the love of God, where the hell is Alison Brie on this list?? She should be in the top 10 but clearly was snubbed this year.  Ali Brie is beautiful, nerdy and funny – she’s also my girl crush. To see a post full the sexy and talented Alison Brie click here!

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