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Max’s Rape Accuser Nessa attending his sentencing.

Ex-porn star Nessa, who accused Max Hardcore of rape says she will be attending his September 5th sentencing. She wants to speak to the judge and tell him about what happened to her on Max’s set.

Six years ago Nessa did a scene with Max, she later filled a police report saying that she was raped during the scene and forced to do things against her will.

Max refuted this by posting an on camera interview he did with Nessa AFTER their scene where she is shown laughing and smiling. You can watch it on YouTube here


While doing my research on this story, I started reading Nessa’s blog entries on the FreeOnes Board. There is a thread devoted to her and she’s been posting on it for years. There is so much information that I couldn’t possibly even cut it way down and put up all that is interesting. So I will limit myself to some excerpts from her writings. If you would like to read more, my notes, along with addresses to various places she posted are here.  

If I was on Max’s legal team I would be paying attention to Nessa’s writing, in case she does show up to speak next week. I’d say you have some things you might want to tell the judge about before hand. And this is just the tip of the ice berg. Can anyone say C-R-A-Z-Y?

Nessa writes-

The only company I speak negatively about that I know others had problems with (Proudly of course),is max. He’s got tons of police reports on him.I pray all the time that he will get cancer or some other terrible disease.Or even worse.GOD does not let non humans like him get away with mistreating women.

(about Max) SInce the FBI raided his house,we know he is no angel.His mommy hurt his feelings and he’s mad.He has no idea what role I have played in making his life it!He’s so unattractive and pissed that girls in school didn’t like him.

(about Max) Does he have a life threatening disease yet bcause my witchcraft has been known to work.Seriously.

I really enjoyed the Bunny Ranch.I would probably work there again…..

(a different Bunny Ranch post) i had to sleep in the same bed that I had my tricks in all day….

(a different Bunny Ranch post) I tried to work there again and they told me there was too many girls.Um..I guess I am not as pretty as the girls on the show. I had 17 tricks in 1 week. Average guy only wanted to pay 300.00 for a fuck for 15 mins. SOmetimes 30.I made $150! I also had to pay taxes on that,so how much did I really make? Maybe $1000? Nice.

I have been on meds for my mental disorder for 12 years.I spend alot o medication, psychiatry, psychology,and health insurance

 I shaved my head and went into mental hospital wayyy before Britney did.I did that shit in 94.

I have never really gotten off in a video.I faked every orgasm


I finally got a new psychiatrist. And with all these new cures,nobody is dying.Especially the people I hate that have fucked my life up.How come they never die? How come nothing bad ever happens to them? I always hear good news about the ones who fucked me over.Is my magic not working?

I was too lazy to start my own company.But I resold some of my videos at the strip clubs so I did make extra cash off my work. Now I can print lazer copies of the cover and burn cds for my customers at work to give them for free! Please do not buy this video I am in..Burn it!

Naughty America booked me in 06.I showed up,and walked out after their hair/mkup artist did me up.The director(Think his name is Brett) talked down to me and he could fuck off.I walked off the set.

That Pissed on Pornstars was fr the max hairlip-core vid I was raped in.Haha.And then I went to the police station to report it.And then coincid. the FBI raided his house.Hmmmm.

I would have to say I must b a damn good actress bcause I didn’t enjoy making porn on 1 video.But I couldn’t let u,the viewer know that.That’s what i got paid shitty money for.Ot’s like when I dance for really smelly and gross guys,and I smile and tell them how horny I feel while doing the lap dance.But it makes them feel good.Thats what they pay $20 a dance for.I may be lying,but hearing that just made their nite.

The 2 times I did meet men it was through MySPace and a dating matchmaking site.Both times the men violated me.

I hate men. I want to go on th show as a women who is bitter and hates everyone.

(There is so much more, read my notes here)

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