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Maxxx Payne Interview- “You Can Twerk In My Face…”

Interview by Wendy Williams

1. Tell us about growing up?
Growing up was cool. I grew up in the Bronx NY. Single mother household with a grandmother,older sister and younger brother….pretty much a mamas boy. Nothing special happened during my upbringing. I stuck to myself most of the time and did very well in school.

2. How old were you the first time you watched porn and do you remember what or who it was?
My first experiences with pornography came in the form of magazines. My grandfather owned a candy store that sold magazines of all sorts. I found my way to the rack one day and swiped a big boobs mag when no one was looking….stumbling onto my step dads porn collection came soon after…Jeannie Pepper, Ebony Ayes, FM Bradley and Tony El Lay are my earliest memories…my favorite was Vanessa Del Rio with her hairy pussy and enormous clit.

3. When did you first start thinking about breaking into the Adult Industry?
I dibbled and dabbled with the idea of breaking into the industry several times over the year. I never took it with any degree of seriousness though. That’s why it took me so long to make my debut….I was heavy into amateur porn with my girlfriends though…so I was always a porn star in my own

4. What type of porn do you PERSONALLY enjoy watching and is it the same as the type you like doing?
I have a healthy appetite for all types of porn. From hairy pussies, anal, BBW, ebony teen, midget porn, fetish…I’m just a damned freak all the way around…I do mainly BBW or interracial porn professionally…and id do it in my personal life so it works perfect for me.

5. When you finally decided to do Porn how did you get into it and start?
My debut into the industry came when I met Chocolicxxxkream. She put me down with the Queen of Hearts team after several conversations.
My first experience with the industry came when I attended the first BBW fanfest in Las Vegas. I was very well received and I must admit it was extremely flattering. Word around town is that the ladies really love Maxxx Payne. I feel it has a lot to do with my overall personality. I blend sensual ism and freakiness very well…I’m a pleaser and it shows in my ass worship scenes. I’m such an ass man its ridiculous. I will be worshipping a lot of ass in this business lol. Delilah Black was amazing to work with. There’s just something about a clean fat shapely ass that brings me to my knees to worship its beauty….those are some heavy scenes..I like worshipping with caressing hands and an eager tongue.

6. As new male talent what is the hardest thing about getting work?
As new talent I feel the hardest part about getting work is the lack of content I have to show at the present time. Not a major issue for me though because as I said, Maxxx Payne is well received and I have several scenes on the way and a DVD in the works….thanks to my networking at fanfest.

7. What would you like to do with your porn career further into your career?
I hope to be in the industry for a long time…I’m here to stay. I just want to bring some excitement to the scenes…some passion to the ass worship and some fans to the events. Id love some awards under my belt as well.

8. Name a few ladies you would love to eventually work with and why?
As far as ladies in the industry that id like to work out hmm lol let me see if I can just narrow it down to 5 names because the list would be too long. Chyanne Jacobs, Cherize Roze, Beauty Dior, Darling Darla, and Cotton Candi….they are all beautiful and sexy as ever to me. So they are all on Maxxx Paynes radar…

9. What is the one thing a lady can do in the bedroom that makes your dick rock hard?
In the bed room if you ladies wanna get my dick rock hard, boy shorts work well for me…if you can twerk in my face your gonna see a tent in my pants…just bend that sexy ass over and let me worship it baby.

10. Where are some places on the Internet that fans can interact with you?
If you want to interact with me online twitter is a great place. I reply back to everyone and am very down to earth. Follow me @Mr_maxxx_payne. Also be on the lookout for my upcoming site U can see some of my amateur and low key porn on just search maxxxpayne718.

11. Are there any male performers that you give props too for their work in the Industry?
I give props to several males in the industry for paving the way and inspiring me. Jake Steed, Wesley Pipes, Lexington Steele, Deep Threat…to name a few.

12. Finally what would you like to leave fans/friends and readers with?
To any of my fans and supporters I would like to say thank you very much…keep your eyes out for all of my upcoming work. My first DVD will be out soon Maxxx Paynes XXXtreme Ass on Queen of Hearts entertainment. Also I will be releasing a lot of fetish content for all of my real freaks out there. Let me know what your fetish is. Thanks again for your support.

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