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May 21 Wasn’t Doomsday, States Harold Camping

Camping apologized for saying  the end of the world would be on May 21. What he meant was (lmao) that there was an invisible judgment day on May 21st. “

Camping told reporters-“On May 21 this last weekend…God again brought Judgment on the world…We didn’t feel any difference,” he says, “but we know that God brought Judgment” on the world. “The whole world is under Judgment.”

According to Camping, the actual fireball and ending of the world will happen 5 months later on October 21.

Do you think Harold is giving himself time to disappear from the radar? Or are his followers actually still believing what this 89 year old multimillionare is saying?

He predicted the end of the world in 1994 -FAIL

He predicted the end of the world this week – FAIL

If anyone believes the world is ending on October 21, please email me. I’ll give you a few grand for your  house & your car, and I won’t take possession until October 22.


From Huffington Post- Will he give it back? (the money followers donated)

“No, that money is still going out…We are not out of business, we’ve learned that we still have to go another five months,” he says.

Earlier, Camping says all billboards and new advertising would stop. It’s unclear what donations will be spent on, as Camping has said the donations don’t go directly toward the station’s operations.

“We are spending it as wisely as possible. Maybe by Oct. 21, we will only have $10 left,” he says.

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