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McCullagh Underlines Ineptitude, Hypocrisy of U.S. Government


HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — In a somewhat sparsely attended keynote speech at the Internext Expo, journalist Declan McCullagh delivered a humorous skewering of the U.S. federal government and its attempts to restrict online adult entertainment.

McCullagh’s speech, titled “Politicians and Porn: Threat or Menace?” was peppered throughout with amusing anecdotes and observations, chiefly ones that pointed out the many foibles and shortcomings of American politicians on the national level.

“It’s really hard to exaggerate how much Washington doesn’t get,” McCullagh said. “D.C. is not a place that you can trust with your liberty.”

I love all this cheap porn talk about freedom. What about granting a restaurant owner the freedom to refuse to serve blacks or Jews or gays and the like? Do you support that freedom? What if a parent wants to put their seven year old daughter to work instead of sending her to school? Do you support that freedom? If so, you are a libertarian. If you don’t, then don’t proclaim yourself a freedom warrior. You’re just a wanker.

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