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McKenzie Lee- Exclusive Back in the Biz Interview

Interview with McKenzie Lee by Cindi Loftus

(Story idea by Dave, thanks Dave)

What is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
Well.. my husband and I were in Old Town Pasadena and he was trying on clothes at J CREW and next thing you know I was bending over trying not to make noise…lol  It was sooo funny, because the sales girl kept coming  back asking if he needed anything else.  Needless to say, he hadeverything at the time…wink!

Tell use 10 things your fans don’t know about you.
I pretty much lay everything out there for the world to see but I will try
for 10.
1. I just learned how to
2. I believe in ghosts…..booooo…seriously
3. I looooooooooooove Hot chocolate.
4. I am always freezing….even if it is 100 degrees. My hubby always wants
the air on and I always want the heater on.
5. Sometimes I’m a mommy by day and a hardcore stripper at
6. I looooove phone sex….1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext 02055024…hehe
7. I love Hot girls… Love blondes! haha
8. I’m shy meeting new people…wouldn’t think that based on my
9. I hate scary movies ..but I like to watch them…weird huh..
10.I’m completely IN LOVE with my hubby and my babies…Aaaaw!

Tell us about your new company and what you are doing.
Well…I am making a return to the business…I am making my first appearance at AVN and I am currently in discussion with a company to become a contract girl again…I want to get back into a contract.. so if it doesn’t work out in these discussions I will still be looking around…However..we will see what happens ? …I am also working with a company to re-develop my website Lastly…I am making an appearance on a reality show for mainstream television.

As far as my company…I established it to manage my bookings..appearances and so on.  I have teamed up CRW Media..they are so great ( (602) 758-5854. They used to work for ClubJenna.. so I feel really comfortable with them.


So you had a baby? You look terrific. How did you get back in shape?
Well…I actually had 2 little girls since I have been gone and thank you for the compliment.  I had my first Tessa Isabella on March 20, 2007 and I  had Farron Giavanna on July 22, 2008.

Hmmm…well I really didn’t do much other than ate what I wanted to and that’s  I was pretty fortunate I didn’t get any stretch marks…whew! I am back to my original weight and I am using Jenna’s previous personal trainer (She is KICKING my butt and she is awesome!!!).  She comes to my home and brings me meals that she cooks……yummy!

I know you love Jenna. Are you two in touch a lot, now that you have babies in common? I heard she sent you some terrific baby gifts.
Yes…we definitely keep in touch, I was at her house a week ago with my  husband and our girls.  She is doing great and looks FABULOUS!

Boy…you guys get the 411 on everything…lol  She sent us a TON of stuffto my hospital room…of course as Jenna does was TOP NOTCH;-)


What made you fall in love with Jenna? I know you have tattoos of her on your body.
Jenna’s awesome! I’m fortunate to know Jenna for the person she is inside..she’s just as beautiful in as she is out..I don’t know exactly what it was that made me fall in love with her but trust me everyone that does cross paths with Jenna in life at some point falls in love for one
reason or

Yes… I have tattoos..they were really there to celebrate that point in time in my was an amazing journey with CJ and one I didn’t want to forget..I’m glad I was one of the lucky few that got to have that


Who else do you really admire?
My father … Now I have a better understanding of parenting..He’s alwaysbeen there for me through thick and thin..He’s my hero!


 Tell us about an unfulfilled fantasy….
Really and honestly I’ve done everything that I’ve ever wanted to do…obviously new fantasies  pop up through your life but for now I have nothing new to you never know next week I may have a new one.

What is your fav movie that you’ve made and why?
Ummm Jenna’s Provocateur.. hardcore sex in a very glam location and beautiful shooting by Jay. Overall a great movie and fun to shoot.


What are the best and worst things about your job?
You know I honestly LOVE my job… I can’t really think of anything bad about it.. if your smart and in control there’s no reason why everyday at work cant be a happy day!

…Mac xoxoxox

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