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McKenzie Lee launches Agency

NL-I would have named it “Friends With Benefits” !

Mckenzie Lee writes me- I am launching my adult talent agency and it is already located within the AVN offices.  I am also opening my Feature Dance division “Bella Dolce Stars” which has its own dedicated website.

 Bella Dolce Models is a licensed and bonded talent agency providing the freshest faces in the industry, along with well-known seasoned performers.

 This is only company at this time that is providing HEALTH INSURANCE, DENTAL INSURANCE & VISION INSURANCE, coupled with a program that provides counseling for Alcohol, Chemical Dependency and Family Counseling, which is common in comprehensive health plans. Yes, this is available to ALL talent signed with Bella Dolce Models.
 We assign a group of talent to a specific agent.  This will allow talent a specific point of contact for more efficient scheduling and follow-up.

 We cover each of our model’s initial photo shoot, which includes make-up, hair and the production studio. The photos created will be used for the talent’s self-promotion, listing on the website and merchandising for feature dancing.

 We have the ability to provide Off-Duty Police Officers through my husband’s company Police Officers Inc.  Mainly, these officers are
 available for large events.

 The website is fully customized and I am really happy with the outcome!

 I started this agency, because I just wanted some change within the industry. Before I was signed to my contract with Club Jenna, I didn’t
 have ability to obtain insurance, and we all know how important this is. I have worked long and hard to obtain this package and I truly believe this will make life better for performers in the industry.

 There are a lot of GREAT licensed and bonded talent agencies out there and in no way am I trying to dismiss that.  I just feel everyone has something different to offer talent and I am striving to provide everything that I would have liked when signed with an agency.

 Bella Dolce Stars is a division of Bella Dolce Models.

 There are definitely other Feature Dance companies out there, so why Bella Dolce Stars?  8%  While other agencies charge the girls 15% and don’t do anything else other than booking the assignment, I felt that was way too high! All feature Dancers will be charged 8%, so that should force some of the companies to either provide better service for their 15% or lower their rates. I mean, we are the ones going on the road, dancing our buttsoff, dealing with flight delays, hotel food, and so on.

 The site is currently password protected, because some talent do not want to be shown until the agency launches.  The agency will launch after everyone returns from the AVN Awards and I am really looking forward to an exciting New Year!

 If any talent is interested in joining the agency, it is strictly confidential if you decide.  You can contact [email protected]
 or contact us by phone (888) 703-6660 ext. 2

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