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Meeting Tomorrow- NO CURRENT INDUSTRY MEMBERS Are Speaking!

NL-The scary thing is that all of these people, none of whom are currently in the industry, are going to be speaking and influencing a panel on rules that will change our industry forever. I’d like to see a few working porn actors/actresses & a member of the Free Speech Coalition on this list, but they aren’t there! I know there are wonderful eloquent speakers in our midst like Nina Hartley. Why isn’t anyone speaking? We are all Freedom of Speech people, all 1st amendment rights advocates. But no one is standing up for the industry here…  I hope it’s not too late!


FROM AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Los Angeles, CA – June 28, 2010
California’s of Department Occupational Safety and Health (Cal/OSHA) will convene its first meeting of an Advisory Panel to explore strengthening adult film worker safety regulations in California. During its Standards Board meeting in March in Costa Mesa, the Board voted unanimously to convene the Advisory Panel in order to take public comment from health advocates, industry officials and the general public on whether—and how—to amend state health statutes to better protect adult film workers. That March action came in response to a petition filed in December by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) seeking an amendment to broaden the Cal/OSHA’s “bloodborne pathogens” workplace safety regulations to better encompass adult film industry worksites.

Several former adult entertainment actresses as well as several public health advocates will testify at Cal/OSHA Advisory Panel meeting in support of changing state health regulations.

WHAT: Cal/OSHA ADVISORY PANEL Meeting on Adult Film Worker Safety Panel to consider changes to state regs to better protect adult film workers

WHEN: TUESDAY, June 29th 2010—-10:00 AM to 3:30 PM

WHERE: Caltrans Building, 100 S. Main Street, Room #1040,Los Angeles, CA 90012

WHO: Shelley Lubben, former adult entertainment actress and founder of Pink Cross Foundation, Jan (Meza) Merritt, former adult entertainment actress and member of Pink Cross Foundation, Marcy Greer, former adult entertainment actress and member of Pink Cross Foundation, Robert Kim-Farley, MD, MPH, Director, Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Program, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, Michael Weinstein, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, President, Whitney Engeran-Cordova, Director, Public Health Division, AHF, Brian Chase, Assistant General Counsel, AIDS Healthcare Foundation

MEDIA NOTE: Cal/OSHA does NOT permit filming or recording during the advisory panel meeting; however, individuals named above will be available to speak with news media outside the meeting chambers.

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