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Melina Mason- Exclusive Interview- On Gummy Bears & Anal Scenes…

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Interview by Cindi Loftus

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 You may not be familiar with Melina Mason because until very recently she was only shooting girl/girl scenes. Just this week she did her first boy/girl scene and then her first anal, so she had jumped into the Miami porn scene with both feet! She’s down here shooting lots of scenes, so very shortly, Melina Mason will be on your radar in a big way! We had a wonderful, sexy, intelligent conversation. I know you’ll enjoy it…
Hi Melina! So you are in Miami!
Yes. It’s beautiful! Except for my hair though.
Does the weather make it curly? I love curly hair. How come girls with curly hair always want straight hair and vice versa?
For me I always straighten my hair because it’s scientifically proven that men are more attracted to straight hair. So for porn purposes I try to be as biologically hot as possible, on a subconscious level.
I do! I studied sexuality so I can get it right.
Good for you! You are smarter than the average bear.
Thank you. I don’t know what a bear’s IQ is but I’ll take it.

And you are definitely into your career.
Oh my god, I have always wanted to do this. Of all the opportunities that have been coming my way, I am just thrilled. Every night I dream about being on set, or some sort of porn related scenario.
What are you doing in Miami? Shooting for Reality Kings?
Yes. I have been shooting for Mofo’s and Reality Kings. I think I shot eight scenes. I’m doing boy/girl now.
I heard about that. What made you switch from just doing girl/girl scenes to boy/girl also? That’s a big step.
It’s a huge step honestly. I’ve always wanted to do boy/girl, but I wanted to learn the industry first and be sure it was really where I wanted to be. So I did girl/girl for a year. I made a couple connections. I learned the pros and cons of doing boy/girl and I just decided it was the right time for me to take that plunge.
And plunge you did. You didn’t just start doing boy/girl, you just did an anal scene.
Yes, it was my first anal scene. I wasn’t going to do it. But Brazzers made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and I like anal so why should I deprive myself?
How did you prepare for that?
The night before I ate a salad and in the morning I did an enema and took Imodium. And then when I got to the set I cleaned up well with baby wipes and I ate only gummy bears. It was perfectly clean and all non-shitty.
(Laughs) Why is it that everyone doing anal eats gummy bears?
Gummy bears are the choice because it takes the body a really long time to break them down, so you can eat them all day on set and feel full and by the time your body breaks down the gummy bears your scene is over.
Can you imagine the commercial? If you have a hot anal scene tomorrow, you should be eating GUMMY BEARS!
(Laughs) That is a whole untapped market. Porn girls and gay guys too. Designer gay gummies.
Yes, shaped like penises.
Yes, I could see designer gummy bears coming out. Louis Vuitton just started making condoms.
I saw those with the logo on them. So they should also be making gummy bears now.
They could sell them in packs. You get your Louis condom for your hot anal sex and you get your Louis gummy bears. Little anal care packages for the sophisticated gay man.

So are you getting to have any fun while you are in Florida?
As far as shooting scenes, yea. I wake up every morning, thinking oh my god, I’m getting laid today. Seriously there is nothing else that I would rather be doing.
That’s great! I hope you get to do some other fun things while you are down here too. Fort Lauderdale and Miami have the best strip clubs.

Oh yeah! I am with my driver right now and he said he was going to take me to a strip club later. So I can go stare at some titties and have a beer.
Yeah, and give out some dollars and make out with some girls.

Ohhhh, oh yeah. Good idea!
The dancers love when hot girls come to their strip clubs. Pick up a copy of each of Xcitement’s magazines while you are there.
Perfect, now I have two reasons to go.

So what is this is about you loving Red Bull?
Call times are usually early, and there is something about being driven to work. Riding in a car makes me tired, so I am a little groggy when I get to work. So when I chug a Red Bull beforehand I have energy to fuck. So I need Red Bull to do what I do.
So Red Bull gets you going.

You could be a spokesmodel  for gummy bears and Red Bull.
Exactly, whatever you want I will slap my name on it and endorse it.
When I was researching you I came across a whole bunch of very sexy bondage pictures.
Oh, I did a little bit of fetish work here and there. I shot for Kink as one of my first scenes ever. It was intense. I was new and didn’t really know what to expect. So I figured hot girls in bondage, I want to be one of those girls. They made it as enjoyable as it could possibly be. But I think I prefer more vanilla sex.
So you are not really into that kind of stuff.
No, not really. I have to be in the mood for it.
The pictures are gorgeous. It was very easy to get turned on looking at you all tied up.
(Laughs) Thank you.

Are you submissive or more dominant?
I’m a switch. So it depends who you pair me with. Usually with men I am submissive. But with a woman, I am usually dominant, but it depends on how she is. If I get a submissive vibe from her I’ll take over.
That’s interesting. I study the brain a lot, especially as it relates to sex.
I watch a lot of documentaries about sex and it always ends up with them doing a cat scan on the brain. Have you ever seen a brain when it has an orgasm and the different parts of it that light up? I find that so fascination.
It is and what I find even more fascinating is that, I don’t think I could do this, but they will put women in that machine, MRI machine and hook them all up to wires and they’ll have them masturbate and have an orgasm and the doctors will watch it . I don’t think I could do that, with all the noise from the machine and all the doctors watching me. But I bet being a porn star that you could do it.
I think I would get off on it actually. Just because it is something I have never done before and I like adventures. So if I had a bunch of hot doctors watching me touch myself, I’d like that. I would do that.
Well then perhaps I should offer you up for some scientific experiments.
Definitely! I’ll bring my Hitachi, I’ll call Kink and see if they can lend me one of their fucking machines. Go all out.
(Laughs) You did a lot of hot girl/girl scenes in the first year that you were going around. Truthfully if I was looking for a girlfriend you would be in my top three. You are gorgeous, and smart and have an amazing body and a great attitude.
Wooow, thank you so much. That is the nicest thing to say.

You’re welcome. And I’m not the biggest fan of boob jobs because I like all natural the best. But in your case, you’re boob job is perfect!
Ah thank you. I did my research. I stalked my plastic surgeon for a really long time on line. He’s a celebrity plastic surgeon and he’s close to home and I like his work. He’s in New York. Dr Greenberg.
Well if we can use you as the example, anyone who wants the best should go to him. There is now commercial endorsement number three!
(Laughs) A lot of people think they are real.
They do look real. They only reason I knew that they weren’t is because during my research I saw the older pictures and said wait a minute, her boobs grew! So tell me about the hottest girl/girl scene you ever did.
I want to say it was with Mia Leilani. Excuse my language here but she is the perfect whore. She is hot in the face and has got a tight body, she’s got nice tits and she’s a good actress as far as speaking wise and then she is a great performer. We had a double dildo and I was making her gag on it and fuck me with it at that same time. She was just down for anything.

So when did you decide to do boy/girl? And who was the first guy?
I decided to do boy/girl after I had a two hour long meeting with my agent. I think I exhausted him a little bit with all the questions I had. I just felt it was the right time for me and it was awesome. The first male talent I worked with was Levi Cash.  So he got my first boy/girl virginity and my anal virginity.
Wow, he should be paying to do those scenes, not getting paid! (Laughs)
(Laughs) He’s great though. He’s a really great performer, he’s professional, he’s hot, everything. I’m glad it was him.
You were born and raised in New York, but you don’t have an accent.
It comes out when I am really passionate about something. I say dawg and cawfee and wauder and all that stuff. But when I am talking normally it’s not that detectable.
No it’s not. If I hadn’t read it I wouldn’t know. You don’t talk like a “Jersey Shore” girl.
(Laughs) I spent eighteen years in Long Island.

So what were you like in high school?
Oh god. I was a huge slut.
So you were very popular?
I wasn’t because I was a notorious boyfriend stealer, so I didn’t have a lot of girl friends. I was kind of a loner and pretty much a weirdo.
You know what? You were different and now you have found all the people that are different, but just like you.
Yeah. It is totally cool now.
What kind of jobs did you have besides modeling?
When I was fourteen I worked at the marina’s café. Then I worked at a bagel store for two years. I was a waitress and a personal assistant and a telemarketer.
And then you were a model.
And then I was a model, what I wanted all along.
You were a model when you were little too right?
Yeah, I was on a boxcover for Fisher Price. Well not a boxcover, I’m always in porn mode. The product I shot for was a helmet and roller skates that came in these big cardboard boxes. So I was this goofy kid rollerskating on the box, with my buck teeth. It was really funny.
It is the cover of a box, so you had a boxcover when you were seven.
Yeah, I think we still have a couple laying around. It was awesome. I went to Toys R Us with my family and the whole aisle was filled with those boxes, and I just ran down the hall screaming “That’s ME!”
That’s so cool.
It was the defining moment of my childhood. I liked the spotlight. Another defining moment was when I saw my first porn, and I realized it was a legitimate job. I was like oh my god this is it, this is what I want to do.

Now you are on boxcovers in the aisle too.
(Cracks up) Yep!
How many scenes have you done now?
Forty or fifty.
In how long?
About a year and a week or two.
So you just started boy/girl.
I started boy/girl on March 30.
Wait, you started boy/girl on the 30th and when did you do your anal?
On April 3rd. (Laughs)
You sure do move fast! So last week you started boy/girl. This week you did boy/girl anal. What are you going to do next week? A five hundred motorcycle man gang bang? (Laughs)
I actually always wanted to do a gangbang scene. Everyone is telling me to pace myself, but honestly I want to do what I want as frequently as I want.
Is there anything you won’t do?
I don’t think I want to do any more extreme fetish stuff, just because of the physical toll it takes on me.

Before you did boys & anal with boys, you were doing lesbian anal. I read that you did a four girl lesbian anal scene. How does that work?

That was for Bang Bros. We all took turns. One girl would be fucking me with a strap on in the mouth, one girl was in my pussy, one girl was fingering my asshole and then they would switch it up. It was great. I saw the stills and every hole was occupied and I’m like that’s how it should be.
That’s called airtight.
(Laughs) I like that! That’s when I’m truly whole and complete.
You really are a slut, aren’t you Melina?
I’m actually a whore, because I get paid for it.
A whore, okay, in the best sense of the word.
And maybe a little bit of a slut on the side.
So it doesn’t wear you out doing your scenes. You still like to get a little on the side.
Yeah, you know what? I didn’t realize the scenes are a predetermined beginning, middle and end. So the director will say do these four or five positions and then nut on her. There is no recreational sex going on, so it’s not like I can get what I want out of it. So half the time I come home and I’m still horny because I got it, but not 100% of how I wanted it. I’m selfish like that.
Nothing wrong with that, you are all warmed up and no place to go!
Right. All warmed up and no place to go, I like that.

What is the best sex you ever had?
I’ve never done a scene that I didn’t fall in love with. So I don’t know if I can categorize the best ever. Everyone that I work with is awesome.
Who is on your wish list for talent?
Sophie Dee, Voodoo, Kieran Lee, Nacho Vidal, Marco Rivera.
You have good taste. What is the weirdest place you ever had sex?
The hallway of my high school during lunch. I was still technically a virgin. I had popped my own cherry just to get rid of it and then I wanted to not be a virgin anymore. So I found this guy and I thought he was hot and he thought I was hot. We couldn’t leave school because of security. So we went underneath a staircase and had sex. It was pretty cool.

Have you used a Sybian yet?
No, I want to so bad!
Maybe you should call Howard Stern and tell him you want to come on his show and ride the Sybian.
Oh my god, I totally want to be on his show. Perfect. That would be two dreams at once.
What other unfulfilled fantasies do you have?
I fulfilled a bunch of them this week actually, so I need to dream up some new ones. Oh, I have this doctor fetish thing, where I want to have a big doctor exam that turns into hot sex.
I think you ought to have someone write that scene for you so you can do it while you are in Florida. I’d like to watch you get examined.
I’d like that too!

You are very active on the internet. is a really interesting site. It’s got great pictures on it.
That’s the one I update the most and it’s a free site. It’s the way to connect with me. It has my links to everything. is your pay site right?
Yes, I built that on my own. In the near future I plan on producing a lot more content for it and maybe redesigning it
And then of course people can find you on twitter, which is where we met and started talking.
I’m always on twitter.
What is your message for your fans?
Keep jerking off to my porn please and I love you.
Book her through

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