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Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor by Anne Bissell

This book got excellent reviews on I just ordered it.

Aspen Brock wrote the prologue.

It reads like thinly disguised fiction. There’s a lead character in the book called
Denise who was apparently a stripper and escort and a veteran of 400  videos. According to the book she was murdered in the early nineties by people who were not happy with high profile persona and her willingness to expose the involvement of law enforcement in the prostitution rackets in San Diego. Was this character “Denise” based on a real person? If so, who?

Anne Bissell replies: “Denise is based on a real person, although the part about her being murdered is fictionalized. However, The deaths of 45 women in the San Diego area during the 80s is also true. They were called “NHI,” or no humans involved, as they were considered to be prostitutes, although not all of them were!”

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