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Memories Of Working For Lynton Appleson

She writes:

He thought that he was so smart that we “girls” didn’t know what the hell was going on, oh we knew, as much as he did and if not more.

My office was on the second floor, and when I was pushed out of his office because he was doing business that I should not know about, all I had to do was to go to my office and open one of the vents that was going into his office, and I heard it all. I connected the dots.

The last time I saw LA, I told him he owed me 500 dollars, he laughed at me saying that I was smoking something. So then I left a box with completed finished products, took my postdated checks and went to the bank and cashed them all at once. I knew he had the money, and if I wasn’t cashing them at that point I would be screwed, I already was of 500. I could hear him in my mind calling me a “cunt” his favorite word, and then “I the cunt”, started to write the book.

These big shots were making cut throat business of the porn industry that was on a shoestring budget. Yeah, big companies, my foot.

LA was such scoundrel when a printer or replicator came to his office, he would take a pencil and change the price of the product he had already recieved, penciled in the price he wanted to pay, right infront of the owner of the company. That is why companies is suing him, because he is not paying and changing the rules constantly, this is not an exception rather a rule with him.

I had also done a job for Dane Productions, the owner had handed me the AVN paper and told me to not let LA know where I got the information, and ask him about it.

LA gave me this lie, and didn’t even look me in the eye, infact , he leaned back in his chair and squinted his eyes while he took a drag from his cigarette and produced his lie. I looked at him and I said, you have to turn him in, and gave him the look that I knew who it was, Chaim. He just looked at me, and then I turned around and left the room.

I even met Chris Walsh many times in the office, sat down in LA office while he was snorting cocaine and smoking pot. He seemed like a likable guy, but I knew that he was not there just to ‘visit’ LA had hired him to be his protector because his life had been threatened.

LA had put in a security camera in the building everywhere, when it was time to pay, he had a sudden change of heart how much he wanted to pay. The equipment was hot, and the people was not the regular joe from a technical place. It was Walsh’s connection, well, they came back with loaded guns, and told him to pay. It was 10,000 dollars. The guy barged into his office, lifted his jacket, and showed him that he was packing. That was all it took and LA opened his check book.

Lynton had been married once, I don’t know how many knows about her except that when it was time to pay for childsupport he constantly stalled to send her the monthly check, ha, he had such loud conversations on the phone with her in his office that you could not miss hearing him use all the profanities in the book, “you fucking cunt, who the fuck do you think I am, a bank, you are going to get your fucking check when I am good and ready to send it to you”. We didn’t hear her reply, I can only imagine that he got an earful, she was not the one to back down. A hot headed Puerto Rican woman, ha, she even hit LA over the head with a 2by4, and that was sort of speech the last nail in the coffin for her, he divorced her then. They had not been married for long, and they had a son, Edward. He was a sneaky little one, took a page out of his (LA) own book, man the “apple” doesn’t fall far from the tree. If he thought his kid was bad, ha, it was the mere mirror of himself.

When Edward was at LA house he used to go through his dad’s briefcase when he was a sleep, and as you know you have seen the industry people walking around with wads of money, one hundred dollar bills rolled up or in a clip, all cash in hand, all under the table deals. Since Edwards mother didn’t give him money, he took money from his dad, with all the money, how could he miss any. He also found several bank account books, and he told Vicky about it. LA was of course pissed when Vicky mentioned it to him, and Edward got an earful.

LA started off by selling stuff out of his garage. He got nightly visits with loads of products, yeah you figured right, it was all hot stuff, how the hell would the man be able to buy stuff and turn around and make a profit unless it was cheap, and I mean cheap. Although the nightly visits didn’t stop when he opened up his ‘shop’, it continued long after.

The accountant who was LA right hand, she knew more about him than any other person that had ever worked for him. I worked at night in his building, and every afternoon when I came to work she spent hours and hours telling me about all the stuff she knew, yes, we were really close, she spilled her guts to me, and I patiently listened, I was in no hurry, I had time.

One day I walked in on LA in his office, and there he sat and had the computer screen up with Cayman Island, I gave up a synical laugh, and said: What, making sure your money is in good hands. He quickly closed down the screen and gave me his famous look, that I never saw that. Fuck him, I thought, I knew what he was up to.

In the office his accountant showed me a wedding picture of him and his wife at the time, they got married in Alaska. He got real pissed when I asked about the wedding picture.

LA wasn’t always this bastard, he started off by selling frequent flyer miles, that is how he started to make money, then he went to selling cars, and became very good friend with a dutch fellow, don’t recall his name, however did meet him in his office a few times. LA was renting his house I believe, and finally bought it off him.

I was at his house once when I dropped off an editor from NY, Sal Sodano.
All his furnitures were ‘stage’ furnitures, looking heavy but wasn’t. At the end of the table he had this thrown like chair, and only he could sit in. Yes, his ego was bruised, he actually got upset when someone had visited him and had sat in the chair, and did mockery of it and saying that the he was the king. LA quickly made sure that he was the only one that was to sit in that chair. I know, serious problems.

Lynton who likes to call himself “Bill London” is not from London, he is from Leeds. One time someone actually hacked into his friends united account, and spilled the beans about his conduct. A lot of his friends didn’t know that he was this porno guy in San Fernando Valley. God knows what he had told them.

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