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Mercedez Opens Feature Dance Agency

Nina Mercedez and Lexi Lamour have joined forces to form a new Feature Dance agency  “Feature Elite”. They will be booking out of Las Vegas, Nevada where Nina and Lexi both recently located. Lexi is now working for the world famous Brazzers and Nina just wrapped up a Las Vegas show where she was a principal Showgirl in the main showroom at “The Sahara”.

The two veteran Award Winning Feature dancers say they have more to offer than the usual agents. Lexi and Nina combined have been on the feature dance circuit for over 20 years and have been awarded every pageant award including “Miss Nude Universe” “Miss Nude International” and Miss Nude North America”.These two ladies have also won plenty of the coveted “Exotic Dancer Magazine” awards including Lexi Lamour being awarded “Club Owner Favorite” and Nina Mercedez winning both “Entertainer of the year” and “Adult Performer of the year”. They both work for “Exotic Dancer Magazine” every year at the annual Gentleman’s Club Owners” convention. “Lexi and Nina are very well known names and they are trusted by ALL of our staff and ALL of the club owners. We are always very pleased to have them every year”, says Kevin at “Exotic Dancer Magazine”.

Feature Elite has just launched their official website and are representing over 20 SHOWGIRLS and XXX STARS. All of the girls have been hand selected by Nina and Lexi. The agency will be OFFICIALLY launched August 21st. Nina and Lexi will be taking clubs who are in need of quality XXX STARS and SHOWGIRLS that are going to give thier customers a fantastic show and a great live experience that will keep them talking.

     Feature Elite also has 2 very valuable secret weapons behind them. They have recruited 2 powerhouse professional agents. The first is Eric L  a.k.a.  Ethan Cage, a veteran on the road as a manager and a very sought after agent in the XXX business. Eric has years of expierience of one on one dealings with the top names in the adult business.

  The agency will also have Raymond Balboa on hand. For almost 15 years Raymond worked in the Gentlemen’s Club industry as a manager and professional consultant for many of the top clubs in the US. Including various locations for Christies Cabaret, Deliah’s and many more. Raymond’s familiarity of clubs, management, cost, ROI and PPA will be key in separating Feature Elite from all of the other agencies. 

The new agency will also be offering a Feature dance school headed up by Lexi Lamour. The basis is, NONE of Feature Elite’s  girls will hit the road without proper shows! They will all have the knowledge from basics to advanced techniques to be a successful feature entertainer. So the club owners have reason to invest in feature entertainment as a viable and profitable source of promotion for thier club.

Feature Elite will only be putting out a polished product on the dance circuit in an valid attempt to “breathe a breath” of fresh air back into the business and hopefully bring Feature Dancing back to the pristine standard of what the club owners expect and most importantly…. they deserve.

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