Mia Khalifa Gets Rowdy

Mia Khalifa is a pornstar who decided to leave the industry after making quite a mark by making her entrance from doing a porn movie playing the part of a muslim woman in a hijab. The hot film is one of the most popular out there. Now she is still really popular because first of all, she is really hot. She has 32DD tits, a tiny 26 inch waist and an incredible 40 inch ass. She is also well known for her fiery personality. She is always getting into trouble on social – or rather – getting guys in trouble on social media. Celebrity types and professional athletes are always trying to slide into her DMs and she is always shutting them down and then going public with it! She’s also well known because she is actually Lebanese which is a country full of conservative people. Her fellow Lebanese people have not really appreciated what she has tried to do with her career. She’s a girl who does what she wants and that’s why everyone loves her, so the latest reason that she made the headlines shouldn’t surprise you.

Mia, a notorious sports fan, was at some type of sporting event when a guy saw her and recognized her. He decided to try to snap a selfie of her, with him in the picture, while she didn’t really know about it. Unfortunately for him Mia noticed and allegedly punched him in the face for taking her photo without her knowledge or permission and she left a bruise! Other Mia Khalifa fans posted to the guy saying that they couldn’t relate, because other of her fans who have had their pictures taken with her had great experiences – namely because they asked first. Clearly Mia is big on getting consent and that’s important.

According to a tweet that Mia made to someone else, it may have been that this guy got in front of her and “shoved a cam in my face” which is why she felt he deserved some rough treatment. Whatever you think of this, you should know that it’s not really polite to take pictures of people without their knowledge or no matter who it is, even though the law might say otherwise. You will do much better if you see your favorite pornstar out and about and you ask them if you can take a picture with them because they will like you a whole lot more and they won’t feel like punching you in the face!

Of course violence is never the answer so if you’re a pornstar reading this maybe don’t try punching as your resort to rude guys taking pictures of you!

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